In December, 2018, we hosted a special tag-a-friend competition on Facebook to celebrate Christmas. This competition ran for 5 days with the prize being a free installation of our HEMS device. The winner –pregnant, stay at home wife – Anja, works at her husband’s car dealer company and we had our team pay her a visit at home and help install her prize.

Couple of days ago we set out from Kozina in the early hours of the day and were welcomed warmly and quite hospitably by Anja who served us biscuits and warm tea. Not long after this, our technical specialist set to work to ensure that a smooth installation of the HEMS device. Anja was kind enough to show us around her house and inform us about her appliances and gadgets, based on this information, we were able to advise her on which appliances would be the best to connect to her HEMS device. Thereafter, we commenced installation which we achieved smoothly without any hassles. Seeing the need for a home linker, we advised Anja of the same and upon approval by her husband, did just that.

Anja was quite enthusiastic about our device as in her words “before, I did common sense things to decrease the bill like, went and turn things off”, things she wouldn’t have do again as the installed HEMS device automatically switches gadgets not in use off and also optimizes electricity to use. All of these without compromising on comfort while at the same time saving cost. We explained all these to her and had her make her statement (which we considered encouraging) in front of a camera for posterity’s sake.

We wish to appreciate her for her hospitality and warm reception of us as it really made our job easier. We look forward to receiving a positive feedback from her on how our device has helped relieve her of the stress of moving around the house in her condition as well as how it has helped her save cost and optimize electricity.

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