Keeping up with the everyday challenges of business and the need to always come up with proactive solutions, could be a peculiar drive on its own. However, while this is an boost for our company, a number of firms may dreadfully see things differently. The good thing for us, is that the Robotina company has continued to thrive and succeed, in spite of the many common challenges and inadequacies of contemporary energy service delivery.

The month of October was filled with scheduled activities and company projects, all of which have been directed towards meeting the company’s customer satisfaction goals.

As it stands now, all slated beneficiaries for the first distribution of HEMS, have been duly sent their individual packages according to plan. We were able to sustain the excitement by adhering strictly to the shipping schedule, while offering free HEMS installation service. In order to create an easy HEMS use guide for the future, we would also be carrying out recording at one of our installation homes. We observed the prospective relevance of a direct visual aid, hence we would be uploading the recording unto our community platforms, where intending users can subsequently follow the step by step procedures. Additionally in the month past, we were able to set a new history record for our company, with the redesign of the company’s IoT backed HIQ Universe automation module. HIQ Universe finds relevance because it allows users to connect and operate on the Robotina’s IoT platform- directly from their mobile phone devices while they are away from home. Consequently, the operation module is now fully functional, and has been connected to the general HEMS application.

On another hand, the Europe’s GOFLEX energy project seems to be fast approaching climax impact, as far as its objectives are concerned. Robotina has delivered 70 IoT linkers across three countries in Europe- Switzerland, Germany and Cyrus. We see this project becoming something really big in the days to come, even as energy stakeholders in the overall European energy sector have expressed satisfaction over the project’s execution roadmap.

Now, Robotina supporters and intending product users are able to gain access to firsthand company service and enlightenment arrangements. Two major show exhibitions would feature the company’s products and service experts on site, before the year runs out. Firstly, American company- Iconics, would be featuring us as their guest exhibitor at the Nuremberg Messe exhibition. Robotina backers are encouraged to come around, as we display latest updates to the modules they already know. Note that Iconics was Microsoft manufacturing partner company for the year 2018, hence the relevance of this partnership for our company. Another major exhibition project is slated for the second week of November, at the European utility week. This would also be a time to present participating visitors with quantities of the ROX tokens, as well as a chance to be a part of the GOFLEX presentations.

Robotina congratulates all the latest beneficiaries of our product distributions, while we assure active and prospective markets of our ability to deliver even more.

The October development of platform was aimed to enable prototypes of transactive marketplace and providing a new proxy for ROX sharing economy network which allows higher penetration of Energy Management Systems at the lowest possible cost.
Two points seem prominent for full adoption of transactive marketplace by the energy consumers. Those prototypes expressed confidence that time, testing and refining of the transactive technology will enable technological feasibility and scalability to be crossed. There is also broad agreement that sharing economy and community rewards will increase the engagement. This will allow it to transform the energy industry.

CEO, Devid Palčič