Being Robotina ROX means there is no time to rest on our laurels. Especially now we set the pace for the energy industry.

This means the Robotina team is always on the lookout for the best ways to make a device that already made history in Asia, the HEMS devices, even smarter. The newest additions to our platform that ensure that we are one step closer to achieving the vision we have declared, has added several features to enhance the functionality of the SmartGrid. One of such features, and one that embodies the laser like focus we have cultured towards achieving our objectives, are the added calculations and logging of data for KPI (Key Performance Index).

KPIs are essentially the tools used to measure the relevance of the actions an organization against their direction and objectives. This bit is currently in use in the GoFlex Project and has effectively acted as a scoreboard to measure up the effectiveness of all actions taken in the projects and subprojects towards overall success. After the industry of the past month, recorded data that accurately represents the peaks and troughs of the HEMs devices till now were measured using the KPIs to provide an up-to-date evaluation of organizational direction. Also, all associated computations and additional calculations were successfully profiled. With this addition to the database, performance can be scrutinized, and thus optimized for better results.

Of course, one of the qualities that differentiates Robotina ROX from the increasingly long list of energy companies, is our ingenious use of whatever information we obtain. Indeed, Robotina ROX has proven to be a team of giants when it comes to the most effective use of intelligence. And through KPI reports, and our immaculate strategy and philosophy of diligence, we will continue to stand head and shoulders of all future and present competition.

Another positive progression was the successful implementation of SolarEdge PV inverter communication drivers into HEMs device setup. After an extended period of thorough research, development and testing, the SolarEdge PV inverter communication drivers have successfully passed the quality control phase and have been added to the HEMs device to further optimize an already rich energy-efficient tool for power prosumers.

The SolarEdge PV inverters boast a 99% weighted efficiency, a realm that will be tapped into by utilizing the original SolarEdge PV inverter communication driver. And perhaps to greater levels of importance the newly added drivers will afford a greater degree of control to the users of HEMs devices concerning the auto-allocation of power to necessary sites to yield a lighter inverter with increased efficiency. With all these advantages, and even more, Robotina plans to get even more out of the HEMs device. A further testament to the conservation and maximization culture being developed through Robotina ROX.

As far as the ROX Universe is concerned, good news came through the recently finished “FleetManager” implementation, which is now undergoing beta testing.It is expected that the work on the configuration tools for administrators will be able to aid the development of different insights into systems installed on HIQ Universe. On that note, extensive research is being carried out on the VPP (Virtual Power Plant) specification and feasibility, while a new scripting API has been adopted, and is in fact, already in use for SmartGrid past and future data logging. To crown the progress made in this department, the Wiki pages were updated to contain more information concerning the new hardware components in the ROX Universe, as well as an upgrade to the existing page structure.

Still on the communications front, the home linker has also been upgraded to consist of a “package of things” which was released to provide more fluidity to the “things” (producers, consumers, batteries) of the HEMS. The IoT front of the HEMS also experienced the addition of new data, logging and provision of such to the end-users through API.

In other news, thermal energy has been cleared to feature alongside electricity in the HEMS. This massive news came soon after the DOM24h project, which saw a modern home equipped with HEMS to initiate the management of energy flow in real-time, kicked off in Hotel Bau of Maribor.

In the nearest future, Robotina promises that the world will have regions that are powered without physical generators, and the traditional power sellers will give way to a new generation of power prosumers, with the Robotina ROX platform as the fulcrum of revolution. Until then, we take it one big and purposeful step at a time. We move!