In the last thirty days, we have been up to a lot across our several projects and as it is our custom, we will keep you informed in this monthly newsletter. It is best we dig in and get started right away!

  1. HEMS
  2. Smart Grid operation history has been implemented. New page which shows the performance of Smart Grid flexibility trading from single HEMS to a trading platform. It is instructive to note that the feature is being currently beta-tested in Goflex project.
  3. KPI indicators implemented and added to new web page together with operation history.
  4. HIQ Universe
  5. “FleetManager” goes into production. This tool will help in the managing and monitoring of large number of devices with specific information used by service and maintenance staff as well as service providers. The integrated approach will ensure that all stakeholders can get the best out of the arrangement.
  6. Work is still ongoing on the VPP (Virtual Power Plant) specification. We look forward to breaking the good news of meeting the specifications in our subsequent newsletter. In the meantime, you can be rest assured that we are doing the best we can.
  7.  We also started work on Aggregation specification, which should summarize defined data from many devices belonging to a group of devices. Paired with the VPP it should provide the possibility to aggregate HEMS data on a community level so the trading can be performed for the whole community. The integration process is ongoing and we are excited about the Aggregation specification and the capability it has to change the game on a large scale.
  8. In the last few weeks, we released a new version of HIQ Universe RESTful API developed v2.0. The new version allows for IoT dynamic calls. Presently, it serves for testing third party mobile applications.
  9. Home (IoT) Linker
  10. Improvements on SCGI communication driver between Linker and HEMS. The latest improvements borders on stability and reliability of the product and so far, we can say we have gotten the kind of reliability we desire.
  11. New logging on a system level to help with diagnostics of home network problems. The new diagnostic service is particularly adept at running with third-party appliances. If end-users have third party Wi-Fi or power-line adapters, you can be rest assured that this new logging system will work even better for you.
  12. New system watchdog is being developed and is now in testing phase. With the new system, once a network problem is detected (cloud communication loss) it will try to repair network settings and parameters from network router.


We are proud of all of our strides, great and small over the last thirty days. While we may not be where we want to be, yet, we are not also where we used to be. This is in itself is reason enough to keep pressing on. We will not stop, until we revolutionize the way power is being used across the world.