We have been able to stay gallantly up and running, on the Robotina business front. It’s many thanks to the company’s development and management teams, who have continued to work round the clock in ensuring that our company legacies are well built to stand the test of time. In fact, our energy inclined activities have continued to gain massive relevance and recognition as the days go by, and we can really speak of a well deserved progress for the Robotina.

Note that all of this comes in line, courtesy of our esteemed supporters’ loyalty over the years, and we cannot have attained so much without these inestimable inputs. The month of November saw us climax on the achievement of some of our set goals- especially those that have been purposed for the last quarter of the year 2018.

There are notably six milestones areas of our focus in the past month. The target was to ensure that we complete every attached phase to these objectives- which we were ultimately able to pull through with. The newest developments as recorded from November, includes the following:

HEMS unit distribution and deliveries
According to plan, all units of the second generation HEMS optimization hardware allocated for the first batch distribution, were completely sent out. Hence, all promised supporters who were slated to make the HEMS receipt, now have the devices installed in their homes and energy use outlets. This distribution comes in spite of heightened difficulties in the high technology electronics markets- which has had its effects on factory and field testing processes and procedures, as well as product’s delivery time intervals, amongst others.

Completion of a framework that enables connection of solar power plants to HEMS
In November, Robotina was able to complete work on the creation of the framework where solar power plant packages are now being connected to the overall HEMS management and optimization structure. By this, you as a user can now conveniently switch between power sources, while still taking apt record and control of your energy usage.

Our company’s participation in top notch technology exhibition expos
Robotina’s services and products were able to move further in publicity and distribution, as a result of our participation in several technologically inclined events across Europe. We were participants at the European utility week 2018- which attracted several energy DSOs, TSOs, and other utility company concerns. The event which held in Vienna, was centered on displaying HEMS utility demonstrations, as well as its ingenious accompanying HIQ universe automation module.

After European utility week, was our guest appearance at the SPS and Drives event- where we were hosted under the platform of our long term business and synergy partner- Iconics™. The event afforded us an opportunity to showcase our high tech CyBro 3 controller, and other solutions under the auspices of our Cybro technology.

Adoption of the HIQ universe for full public use
Now, all testing and validation processes for the new interface HIQ, has been completed. Consequently, users can now proceed with registrations on the platform, with an advantage of several value added services. For instance, the platform was updated with the new HEMS app, and other features that allows installed HEMS users have access to visualization parts.

Improved eStore installation and use features
Now, Robotina eStore users can have access to an improved version of the eStore component. This development comes with the new version of the desktop application for eStore testing and commissioning, as well as a new version of the eStore configuration.

ROX token use integration
Impressive work has been invested in bringing the ROX token into services of Robotina IoT Platform. Following the designed roadmap, the use of this tokenized platform would help reduce user’s electricity bills, as well as an effective curtailing of poor energy consumption behaviors.

As the year runs to a close, we are optimistic of even greater things to come- especially those that would benefit our community in enormous ways. We are working on implementing programs and events that would also focus on rewarding Robotina service users.