Keeping up with our commitment to always keep you updated and ensure that you stay abreast of the latest development as concerning the projects and tasks we have been up to. Listed herein are the latest updates; you can read that as a rollout of the things we have been up to since you last heard from us:

SUMMARY: We have great news to share this time. Forecasting and aggregation modules of the new generation are now on-line on our production server. This is the base for all VPP and flexibility sales. Due to a delay caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we expect that the DSO side client will be ready for full deployment in September/October. On the HEMS side, the first wireless HEMS based on battery-free EnOcean modules became operative. HEMS and EnOcean wireless modules are now available and started selling. The HIQ universe is also shaping out great as well as the home linker front end too! Great times are upon us.


Our landmark HEMS has not only undergone a transformation to birth a new generation. We have also continued to work assiduously on making the system designs even better. Here are the specifics.

  1. New HEMS version v1.1.0 is released: The latest HEMS is already in the production and has been used and commissioned in the field. (It is worthy of note that newly installed HEMS devices are already equipped with EnOcean support). These HEMS batches are the first wireless HEMS based on battery-free EnOcean modules. The new HEMS versions are now ready to go and users can be sure that it will be ready for use with all of the support necessary.
  2. Continued work on the system design: Specifications and system designs have continued on the Area Energy Management System, new SmartGrid use case. The first implementation planned through the NEDO project with HITACHI. These continued works have fostered the collaborations that we have continued to build via the NEDO projects and other similar projects.

It is not enough that HEMS is great and running up to speed, it must be seen. This is the function of the Home Linker and the interface is even better with the designs now finished and implemented.

  1. HEMS “interface” redesign: HEMS interface has now been finished and is being implemented. The new interface is indeed new. With an overhaul of METADATA specification, new logging for consumer metrics, and much better visualization. With the new interface design, it is seamless and you will find the numbers you are where you need them.
HIQ Universe

The HIQ Universe is the aggregation of the system where energy production was not just happening but there is also a forecast and monitoring of the energy that is being produced. Here are the specifics of developments within the HIQ Universe:

  1. Forecasting and Aggregation modules go into production: The forecasting and aggregation modules have now gone into production. Verification is ongoing with newly installed HEMS in the Idrija community. The production of these modules will take a bit but once completed, will bolster the HIQ universe even further.
  2. Continued work on the specifications for the “Smart Spaces” mobile app: The Smart Spaces mobile app will allow users to monitor, manipulate and control the Smart Spaces (homes, offices, hotel rooms, schools and other spaces that are connected via the HIQ Universe). The Smart Space app when launched will serve as a remote and monitor for the smart spaces.
  3. Work on Specification for “My Things” page redesign: The page specification for HEMS “things” will get additional trends. With these redesigns, the visualization of the history on the HEMS app will be even better and trendier.