The year 2018 was a great one for us at Robotina and so far, 2019 has looked to be even better as we have hit the ground running. This is due in part to the fact that we have a vision and a workforce that is fully committed to achieving that vision. We have recorded progress on several fronts and the following are the updates we have for you on our progress this past month.


On the HEMS front

January saw us review each and every software version we have. This is so as to analyse the different problems they might have and find a way of solving them. We identified some of the difficulties which appeared during the development procedure and then proceeded to do additional testing so as to ensure that all issues were fixed. Then and only then did we continue on with the development process.



In January, we experienced significant progress in our development of the HiQ universe. Further development on this segment is currently in progress and we have a firm believe that it will be concluded soon.



The month of January was a very eventful one for us in terms of taking HEMS to the world. We began active marketing and promotion of our services to the world so as to increase awareness and get them to more and more people. We have a firm believe in what we offer which is why we know that once people are aware of our services and what they stand to benefit from them, they will not have any problem patronizing us. This is because the services we offer are really beneficial for both commercial and residential purposes in terms of helping minimize the cost of energy as well as increasing the convenience of the users.


Some of the ways by which we have begun pushing our services is through the brokering of cooperation agreements with companies that are well placed to help advance our cause. An example is the agreement we made with Hitachi which enlisted their cooperation on the new project NEDO Phase 2. We also brokered a three party agreement between our company, Iconics and Microsoft which involves the mutual marketing of the solutions we offer as a package for clients.


We had representatives at an exhibition event that took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This was the FM Expo Saudi 2019. The country is one that keeps developing at a fast pace and we see it as a potential market that is worth expanding into. Plans already exist to attend three more exhibitions and events there in the coming months. These will serve as a means to further sell ourselves and make the Saudi community aware of our work.


We remain committed to providing reliable and amazing services in the renewable energy industry and will continue to do even better in our development and delivery of these services. We look forward to even greater achievements in February and appreciate your sticking by us.