In the last thirty days, we have made unprecedented progress in several areas across board in all of our endeavors as a company. As our duty, we hereby inform you of the giant’s strides we have made: 


  • Aggregated KPI indicators are added for different sites grouping multiple HEMS devices.

With the aggregated indicators that have been added to different sites, multiple HEMS devices can now be grouped according to their function. This will improve the overall functionality of the HEMS universe and help users get more done in record time. 

  • Work on the specification for “Aggregator“, an instance grouping different kinds of data for multiple HEMS devices.

The aggregator was a special project that spawned off the aggregated KPI indicators tasking. The aggregator worked on grouping different data for use on multiple HEMS devices. This allowed the HEMS devices to work better, function faster and even allowed for seamless function. 

  • Work on the specification for “Forecasting module”. Allowing for the generation of different kinds of forecasts (consumption, production and flexibility).

We have commenced work on the forecasting module, the module will allow for the analysis of data relating to the consumption, production and the flexibility of energy usage. The forecast will allow for an integrated plan for energy use and future expansion as we leap into the future.

  • Continued work on the system design and specifications for Area Energy Management System, new SmartGrid use case. First implementation planned through NEDO project with HITACHI.

Again, kudos to our impeccable partnerships, we have implemented the NEDO project with HITACHI. Our continued work on the systems design and specification for the Area Energy Management System have scaled the first stage and implementation have now commenced. 

  • Work on the HEMS roadmap revision

The HEMS roadmap revision have been ongoing for a while and we are intent on completing the HEMS roadmap revision. In the end, we hope to inform you of how this revision will enhance the use of the HEMS and take the universe to the next big stage.


 HIQ Universe

  • FleetManager” administration tool is developed, allows making different configurations (insights) for various instances / realms.

The administration tool in the FleetManager will help to create new set of configurations that will provide insights into new projects and realms. This will help developers to do more with the FleetManager system and the tools it affords them. 

  • SMIP IoT Toolkit” development environment is developed for creating Things/Bridges on IoT Linker devices. Enables configuring and generating digital twins from the on-site equipment and assets.

The SMIP IoT Toolkit will enable the configuring and generation of digital twins. This will allow for the simulation of data and Internet of things before the actual samples are built. This way, simulations can be tested and ran for viability within the IoT linker systems. 

  • Started work on the specifications for “Smart Spaces” mobile app. It should allow users to monitor, manipulate and control the Smart Spaces (homes, offices, hotel rooms and public spaces).

Work has started on the smart spaces’ mobile app, the specifications have been laid out and the application will allow users to control, monitor and manipulate energy usage within smart spaces equipped with the latest cutting-edge energy requirement. 

We are not going to stop anytime soon, we are on the journey to revolutionize the future of energy. We trust that you will come with us as we navigate this course.