Over the past months, the Robotina company has continued to work hard in consolidating on the progresses we have made in the energy sector. This is especially as regards the implementation of the HEMS unit, the incorporation of our high tech IoTprotocol- which currently has the most required sophistication to meet up with demands of the 21st century, as well as the GOFLEX consortium synergistic partnership updates, amongst other landmark projects of our laudable company.

The month of June was graced with a number of historic moments for Robotina, and all of the indicators points to the fact that we’re achieving many more successes as the days come, while we simultaneously meet up with our personal objectives of making life better for the world populace.

Landmark achievements for the month of June

We were able to actively begin implementation of some project phases, while we also added new features to our device model structures and functions.

Some of these achievements for the month of June includes the following:

· Adoption of newly developed software function for saving EEPROM parameters on the HEMS device.

This solution has importance in that it is able to provide an avenue for effective data backup, in the event of possible electricity cuts. Hence, this new feature would ensure that the HEMS settings as determined by the users, are kept as intact as possible.

Asides this, work is ongoing in creating additional software programming module that would allow schedulers’ optimization.

· Order of hardware parts for the production of HEMS device

The development and management teams have concluded on the purchase of the last hardware parts that would be used in the production of additional HEMS units. The production is expected to roll out in massive output, so as to have enough HEMS units on ground.

· Finalized plans on massive delivery of HEMS units to ICO participants

According to the arrangements we have been able to put in place, our company is expected to start full HEMS unit distribution to our supporters who participated in our ICO event. Distribution is slated to commence in September. Currently, we are putting the finishing touches to the design and the production line.

· GOFLEX project’s demonstration and testing of HEMS

The Robotina company, which is charged with the responsibilities of providing a functioning system for the optimization objectives of the GOFLEX project, has delivered 6 pieces of the HEMS device for preliminary testing. Once the preliminary tests and configurations have been concluded with, we would deliver another required 68 pieces of the unit.

· As pertains to the Robotina IoT protocol

The company is channeling some effort in developing an organized energy flow analytics system for the blockchain. When this is done, it would facilitate effective communication of consumer energy use tendencies, with the network.

The company’s sales and marketing strategies

As we continue to make efforts at marketing our products and services, we have employed a number of collaborative framework that could help push us further on the market space.

Some of these includes an intended cooperation with technology front liners Hitachi, as well as our ongoing discussions with the Microsoft cooperation, in a bid to seal a business partnership.

Early within the month, we also became member with Europe largest blockchain organization- BTC city blockchain alliance.

The company blockchain development team is also working round the clock in listing the company’s high value ROX token on a reputable exchange. So far, we’re finalizing deals with HitBTC, and we should go operational on the exchange by the second half of July.

The Robotina company is not relenting in engaging ourselves in the most useful and lucrative events that would see us reach our most valued targets.