As a company set about Revolutionizing the way power is being consumed and controlled, it is always a pleasure to let you know how we have been working on to make you even more comfortable. In this month newsletter, we will be touching on our progress so far. 

Since you last heard from us, here are a few things we have been working on; 


Work in progress for wireless EnOcean support: Smart is the new normal and that is why we have been working extra hard on integrating wireless modules into HEMS. Once this Operation is completed, HEMS will be able to measure user consumption and make decisions to switch customers on and off without any wires connected to the consumer. Using state-of-the-art machine learning, you can expect seamless operations and no interruptions. 

Consumer base expansion: Based on demand and feedback, we are happy to announce that the number of consumer’s usage has been expanded. The customer usage has been expanded to 8 allowing more consumers that could be connected wirelessly. 

Increased support: Support for new 3-phase power sensor is being added, it is with current transformers allowing easier installation of HEMS power sensors. With a strong support system in place, it is only a matter of time before all installation of power sensors is completed. 

Forecasting module: Work continues on the specification for “Forecasting module”. It should allow for the generation of different kinds of forecasts (consumption, production, flexibility and usage). These forecasts will be based on usage habits and you can expect that once rolled out, the forecasting module will be near precise accuracy. 

Collaborative work in progress: Continued work on the system design and specifications for Area Energy Management System, new SmartGrid use case. Our team have continued to show doggedness and dedication to see the project take off. With the first implementation planned through NEDO project with HITACHI, we will keep you updated as the project proceeds. 

Additional units:  Preparations are being made for installation of 30 HEMS devices in Idrija, which will be installed in March and April 2020. The new units will expand the reach of the HEMS and will bring new users into the fold. 

HIQ Universe 

Different “FleetManager” views were configured which enable much better overview of SmartGrid functionality on three demo sites (Germany, Swiss, Cyprus). The views will enable users better understand and see firsthand the workings of the fleet manager from different angles and views. 

Continued work on the specifications for “Smart Spaces” mobile app. which should allow users to monitor, manipulate and control the Smart Spaces (homes, offices, hotel rooms, schools). Once the specifications are concluded, the features will be included and we all can go smart.

 No stone is left unturned, no mountain unscaled. It is a journey to revolutionize the way power is being consumed on our planet; thank you for being with us, we hope you will stay the stretch with us.