On the platform side we finished alpha testing phase of aggregation and we are entering beta phase. API for integration with third parties has entered into test phase with third parties and fine tuning is in progress. Based on findings we have expanded and extended API specification and external partners have started using it.

HEMS access API is being modified and upgraded and we will soon have final specification in place and live.

We are still facing delays in tokenization of the platform. This required important changes in model and modelling has been re-done. We expect to continue under revised roadmap.

HEMS is enjoying enormous progress and it is being tested live in several projects. HEMS has now built in limiter, which can limit consumption from the grid in real time by dynamic setpoint manipulation. We focused on EV charging and we fully tested limiting with external EV charger.

Now, when HEMS is getting also EV charge function, we will provide the cheapest and most effective Energy management with EV charging on the market. Regulations in grids are changing and HEMS will soon acquire grid injection limiting functionality, meaning HEMS owners, who have PV plants will enjoy even further benefits.

We are investing enormous efforts to finalize HEMS, platform, and APP’s, so we can finally start full market introduction, however, we are engaged in three demonstration/pilot projects right now and soon we will tell you more.

On marketing side, HEMS has been successfully presented to Japanese partners and investors during TOKIO Olympics, under Spirit Invest Slovenia Industries – Invest Slovenia