It’s a new month and it’s so exciting to give you all the information on the amazing things we have been up to at Robotina ROX. Over the last month, we have made a great deal of progress especially on the technical front. That is not to say we have been lagging in other areas too, it has been a month of quickened steps. Let’s delve in: 

HIQ Universe/ROX Universe

We have taken great strides around the ROX universe, integrating several appliances together. This includes but is not limited to;

  1.   Specification for HEMS Alarms/Events report which is sent by email is at its conceptual stage.  
  2.   “FleetManager” specification is finalized, development is starting. The application will provide summarized overview of all HEMS devices with their status and other customized information, which should improve maintenance and technical support capacity.
  3.   RESTful API for HEMS device has been Implemented; RESTful API is a web service for communication, allowing other appliances to be reached from the cloud platform. Currently the RESTful API is being used in Switzerland for the monitoring of operation and SmartGrid service by third party service provider.
  4.   HIQUniverseRelay software is in testing phase. This software enables easy and quick remote update of all HEMS devices. The relay software is a key part of the ROX Universe set up, the remote nature allows for changes to be made to appliances from wherever on the globe.
  5.   VPP (Virtual Power Plant) specification is now in preparation. The entire team have been hard at work on the concept of the virtual power plant. This is a huge project for us and we are on the very verge of revolutionizing the energy sector. The good news? We will also be saving the planet in the process.

Home Linker

  1.   Several upgrades were made remotely on all devices. From fixing issues on various applications to upgrading some application to more recent versions, the team left no stoned unturned.  You can expect to find exciting new features when you get back to the home linker platform. It’s not only more interesting, it is also increasingly functional.
  2.   Communication improvements which allows stable data collection from MC controller and sending data to cloud.
  3.   Stability improvements regarding cloud connectivity, more robust connection to cloud. You can expect to have stealth connection when connecting to cloud.


We have been working on the specification and control algorithms for the Erigeneia project in Cyprus. The project is at the optimizing stage. We are currently working on operational designs alongside minimizing cost for HEMS systems with PV and battery applications. This will ensure that the platform runs at the most advanced level and yet, at the least price possible. At launch, the Erigeneia project, like every other project by Robotina will be targeted at offering an alternative view to energy as we know it and giving everyone access to this form of energy. 

With the amazing strides we have taken in the past month, it is no cliché to say that the energy (r)evolution is on. Do join us.