Welcome to the fifth (5) month of the year, and thanks for staying through with us. The first quarter of the year 2019 is gone, and a new quarter has just started. The last quarter ended with April, and we at Robotina made huge impacts as anticipated. Our accomplishments and areas of impact in both HEMS and HIQ-Universe has been briefly discussed below as we ensure to keep you updated.


In April we were able to improve each HEMS device. The smart grid technology was improved to give our customers better functions, usage and improve energy stability. Also, we were able to develop remote automatic update of HEMS into the GOFLEX project, this helped us physically carry out test of the HEMS devices within a minute scale to keep improving with regards to environment. Another important accomplishment was the development of specifications for connecting electrical cars into energy trading platform, as well as the preparation of specifications for generating KPIs was also prepared to enable evaluation of the success of the trading platform. The month of April definitely proved to give room for a better and impactful new month.


The HIQ-Universe keeps getting better and the month of April didn’t leave without a touch. The user manual interface for device control was updated and new user interface was developed. Also in the month of April the plan to scale up connectivity for HEMS was worked on and progress was recorded.


“The Big 5 Saudi, 2019”, the great event that shook places. The Big 5 Saudi 2019, was an exhibition event that covered most construction sectors. It happened in April with over 13,000 visitors recorded. Positive feedbacks have been recorded and this shows that Robotina never stops making impact.