Every month, we delight ourselves with intimating you with the progress we have made within the last time we reached out to you and the present moment. This month is no different; despite the fact that these are unprecedented times and moments of uncertainty, we have not been deterred from the work at hand. Here are the things we have been up to:
1.      HEMS
a.      Final testing phase for wireless EnOcean support. Wireless modules are being integrated into HEMS so it could switch ON/OFF consumers and measure its consumption without connecting wires from consumer to HEMS. With the final testing phase done, it is only a matter of time before the complete rollout of the wireless EnOcean support systems happens.
b.      Preparation of new release of HEMS Configurator app, with new HEMS features included into “Settings” screen for easier configuring. The HEMS configurator app puts all the capability of HEMS in one device allowing you to set up your HEMS however you want it. The configurator app will come preloaded with all of the new HEMS features.
c.      The final testing phase of new 3-phase power sensor support from HEMS.
d.      Continued work on the specification for “Forecasting module”. It should allow generating different kinds of forecasts (consumption, production, flexibility, usage and storage) When the specifications are ready for use, the metrics generated will help consumers, the feedback will make power consumption seamless and better.
e.      Continued work on the system design and specifications for Area Energy Management System, new SmartGrid use case. First implementation planned through NEDO project with HITACHI. Once the design specification is complete, implementation will start. We are hopeful that this partnership with HITACHI will help us scale the project and make it available for use before long.
f.       Several new features are being specified for HEMS next release (such as temperature control, load limiter.) The new features will be incorporated into the next release and will make power consumption even more efficient. The new features will place users into the driver’s seat as they can know how their devices are faring in real-time.
a.      The new design of power supply board for Home Linker, bringing various improvements in stability and optimal usage. With home linker new board, you will be able to manage various appliances remotely. The system prioritizes stability and optimal usage of the resource to ensure greater improvements.
3.      HIQ Universe
a.      First trial Forecasting module is being developed on the Universe. The first use case will be 30 Aggregated HEMS devices in Idrija. Forecasting module should produce a forecast for aggregated consumption as well as household’s energy flexibility of Idrija community. The aim is to get the forecasting module to be better at anticipating usage and forecasting same. In a trial environment simulating the real, everyday world, the module will be tested to the limit and the efficiency will be ascertained.
b.      Continued work on the specifications for “Smart Spaces” mobile app. which should allow users to monitor, manipulate and control the Smart Spaces (homes, offices, hotel rooms, classrooms). The work on the mobile app has been ongoing for a bit and this is to ensure that it fits into public use.
It has never been about us, it has always been about you; it has always been about revolutionizing the power generation, consumption and usage, one house at a time!