Time flies so we decided to do a short recap on our progress since finish of ICO. Some of the details won’t be new to those who have been following us closely, but as we have more than 7500 ROX holders, we believe it will be useful to go through our progress in a bit lighter steps, so we all will be on the same page.

Since ICO finish we working hard to initiate the development of ROX market. This development of ROX market is divided on two integral parts, crypto exchange & IoT Platform. IoT Platform will enable energy savings in real life and part of the saved money will seek the available ROX tokens on crypto exchange. Good and reliant crypto exchange is vital for IoT platform and vice versa as IoT Platform energy savings monetized will bring fresh liquidity to ROX market listed on crypto exchange.

Where are we now on this?

We have started the execution of road map in May. We also have started the redesign of HEMS (Home Energy Management System) where some pictures of reconstructed HEMS were shown to the community in May.

The May session between designers and industrial engineers is still ongoing and we aiming to disclose the release of 1st official draft for redesigned HEMS soon. In addition to HEMS redesign we refine the core of IoT Platform development process in this phase, where a lots of work is going into improving our R&D cross-sector communication, including development monitoring and reporting. Getting this 1st official draft of HEMS redesigned and its public release out is our main focus at this point.

Further development of core ROX marketplace is continuing with a parallel crypto exchange listing team starting contacting the crypto exchanges introducing the Robotina ROX token and IoT Platform. Setting this team up took us some effort and we have high hopes that chosen crypto exchange will able to make significant support for fastest development of ROX community.

We have been looking for experienced and innovative crypto exchanges, for liquid and stable crypto marketplace to facilitate the IoT platform development. The selection criteria for choosing the listing exchange are:

– Satisfactory deep pool of daily liquidity,

– The permanent volume that does not fade,

– Has an adequate number of users and,

– Large community gathered around itself.

In order to get listed to such of exchange that meet the above criteria we have to go through procedures, both technical and legal, before listing happen.

We found such a crypto exchange, preparations are in progress, and the first listing will happen very soon.

Key takeaways:

1. The Post ICO activities has begun in May

2. We doing the HEMS redesign with team of designers and industrial engineers — Goal is to soon complete the 1st official draft release.

3. The R&D team is setting up the IoT Platform development environment

4. We set up the crypto exchange listing team which has negotiating process open with many established crypto exchanges for ROX.

5. Listing procedures are demanding, both technically and legal.

6. First exchange listing is in progress and it will happen soon.

That’s it for now. Please, join our community on Telegram and share your thoughts, ask the questions, we could address in our next CEO blog post, planned for July.

CEO, Devid Palčič