For the last few years we at Robotina ROX are doing everything in our power to spread awareness related to our energy use. And the reason for that is we can’t fix massive waste until we genuinely understand what’s causing it. 

Because energy waste is more than just having inefficient light bulbs or setting the air conditioner too low – there are numerous faulty insulations, appliances that use power even when it’s not needed. And even though that this little issues might be small, but they add up to tremendous energy loss over time. 

What matters is that we, as a society, should be making a serious attempt to reduce energy waste – and this starts with understanding how energy is usually lost. For that reason, governments of different nations have already begun to take effort to supply households and business buildings with energy management devices. 

In addition to government effort, several initiatives have been taken by private investors, companies and individuals interested in a green energy to ensure that our planet can finally be saved in couple of years of effort. This is why the move of several Asian governments has been met with applause and wide acceptance with the recent introduction of a variety of measures to reduce energy consumption at home in order to promote energy conservation by the household sector. Chief among these measures was the introduction of HEMS device, which is one of Robotina ROX main smart devices. 

With the numerous sales of HEMS devices in recent months and the acquisition of new users on the platform, the visibility of Robotina ROX on the Asian market has become unbelievably strong and the influence of the company continues to grow in leaps and bounds. This has triggered the GX1 company to recognize the success of Robotina ROX and above all commend its environmental impact it is having on the world. 

As an investment company, GX1 is focused exclusively on green energy projects and the innovation that protects the environment while seeking to leave the planet much better than we all met it. With the realization that the earth is the only place we can call our own, GX1 has decided to enter into partnership with Robotina ROX in order to develop products that will help in leaving the planet better. 

GX1 is focused on investing in a more specific deployment of Internet of Things for such apartment; such that has energy-generating equipment, including a PV power generating system and storage batteries, with electrical appliances, lights and systems such as heating and air conditioning capable of communicating with one-another. 

Such residences can be controlled efficiently through an energy management system, with one of the goals being to achieve reductions in carbon emissions. To achieve remoteness of control, the entire system must be connected to a cloud service. As Robotina ROX platform is a unique platform combining not only IoT but also artificial intelligence and blockchain usability, the GX1 company has decided to invest powerful resources into Robotina IoT platform named ROX Universe. 

The investment, coming at such an important time when the Robotina ROX was founded as a joint stock company in Switzerland is such a welcome development. With willing investors and collaborators such as GX1, we are assured that we can keep pushing the frontiers of technology and ensuring that we leave a better planet for those coming after us. Together we all can leave a good planet behind, starting today.