In a world where forums and awareness programs are set up to make people feel trendy by speaking about energy management, Robotina ROX stands tall as a stalwart advocate for energy management all over the world. From smart homes and offices to more energy-conscious industries, we have taken steps to create strategic and efficient solutions to the malady of energy waste.

The effects of these actions continue to receive plaudits everywhere it is introduced to. In fact, South Korea has become one of the latest allies in this battle after an agreement was reached, that ensures a local chapter of Robotina, known as Robotina Korea, is now our official partner in Korea.

Riding on the waves of our outreach, Robotina ROX has gained an explosive, yet steady foothold in Korea due to the inevitably massive interest in Robotina’s Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) devices by the Korean Populace. The fact of Korea’s immeasurable fascination in Robotina’s creations, was perfectly highlighted by invitation extended to Robotina from the biggest business magazine in all of Korea, The Leader, for an exclusive interview. This shows how Robotina ROX and our products have evolved into a symbol for energy waste control in the Korean space.

Now, with the establishment of Robotina Korea, we can look forward to a future of continuous growth towards the achievement of our primary aims and objectives through the dissemination and cultivation of HEMS and BEMS device plants throughout Asia, until the products claim immunity in the Asian market.Also, by having a local center, Robotina can give support and provide insight while maintaining a healthy relationship with the local users.

During the visit of the Robotina ROX representatives to Seoul, we held technical meetings to build a structure for Robotina Korea as an organization, by touching the issues of its action plan. Time was allotted to better understand the peculiarities of Korean buildings and infrastructure, which includes the typical procedure for electric installations in ideal Korean models of condominium, flat apartments and individual residencies, with emphasis on the important parts of the electric circuits like the switch board (control panel).

Robotina zoomed its focus on smarter energy use by hosting workshops and tutorials on the creation and operation of the HEMS and BEMS devices. We also visited the site for a single phase and three phase installation as well as the inspection of the sites for the already existing 20-year old electric installations as well as the near 5-year old electric installations.

A vital part of the Robotina’s drive is discipline, and this requires strict adherence to the set rules and regulations laid down. Thus, a meeting to deliberate on the valid norms and regulations fitting to the Korean environment held. During this meeting, questions were raised and answered on various situations and requirements such as the level required to carry out installations, that is, to determine whether individuals can attempt it or only specialists should handle the device installations. The qualifications consequently required for a permitted installer was also thrashed, along with the importance and rates – whether fixed or dynamic – of the tariff system.

There was a need to discuss the influence of the distributors of electrical energy in Korea and technical blueprint of Korea’s grid operation and her operators as well as the internet connection channels and contrivances used in Korean homes.

We also deliberated on the material samples needed to conveniently perform a proper installation for Home Energy Management Systems. The selected materials and quantities included various devices like fuses, residual current device, installation relays, terminals, control panel enclosure boxes and other compulsory devices.

But, enough reading, it’s time you check out our adventure in South Korea.  

Robotina ROX, as a force, are resolute in curbing the worldwide concern of energy waste. With our boundless drive and calculated efforts, we can do this!