ROX Listing

Though ROX was available on several different exchanges, we added one more on three (3) different markets:

With BTC being the largest cryptocurrency we have on the planet (which means that it is the digital asset that most people on the planet use), it is essential that we have a market where you can purchase your ROX out token with BTC. Being able to exchange ROX with BTC is very important in our estimation as this will help move the development of our ROX out token forward. You now have the opportunity to exchange your BTC assets for ROX out token on our new markets.

The new markets we now have are, however, on Escodex which is an exchange platform for trading digital currencies. It is decentralized which means that it does not require a central authority to function. Using the Escodex platform affords you several benefits which you wouldn’t be open to if we utilized other DEX platforms. The Escodex platform offers the following benefits over their peers.

Escrow platform: On the Escodex platform, you are inured from being defrauded and scammed of your coin. This is because the platform enables you to use an escrow trust and agent in your transactions. With over 100 currencies supported by the platform, you can rest assured of getting what you need and safely to.

Fast support: The Escodex platform also provides fast response to those who use their platform which helps ensure that using the platform is as hitch free as possible.

Pairs:The platform has BTC, ETH, USDT and ESCO.

Trading fee: Using the Escodex platform for your online transactions helps you save 50% on trading fees. This is because this platform charges 0.1% for trading fees as opposed to other DEX platforms that charge 0.2%.

A guarantee scheme: Using the Escodex platform for your transactions is safe. And to assure you of this safety, the platform has a guarantee scheme in place where in a scenario where your coin goes missing, they will make a refund of double the amount of coin lost.

Rewards:The Escodex platform also offers different rewards for those who use their platform. This means that you are always liable to win a bounty.

ERC20 compatible: The platform is also ERC20 compatible which is why they can list tokens such as the ROX token.

With the introduction of these new markets, we envision seamless and smoother transactions as well as a growth in our sale of ROX out tokens. This is because more and more people now have access.