As part of efforts to gain a foothold in Saudi Arabia and tap the market there. We will be exhibiting at The Big Saudi 5 2019. This event is an avenue for experts in the construction industry to gather and rub minds together. It spans a period of 4 days during which research is done, discoveries are made and the construction business is discussed.


The Big Saudi 5 is a great opportunity for us to directly pitch our products to the big names in the Saudi construction business who we believe will find that our products are quite useful and will be very beneficial for their buildings. According to a report by the BNC Network, over 5,200 construction projects to the tune of about 819 billion dollars are being carried out in Saudi Arabia alone. This represents a great opportunity for us and there is definitely no better way to connect with a large percentage of those in the construction industry than through The Big Saudi 5. Over 14,000 visitors will be attending this event with an exhibition space of 17,580 and up to 80 educational workshops.


At this event, we will exhibit products from our Cybro and HiQ family. This is in alignment with The Big Saudi 5 which being an event for construction industry experts is a facility management fair. Our products will provide them with a wide and comprehensive solution for issues that will inevitably appear in the management and control of their buildings (multi functional buildings to be exact). Our products will also allow for the automation of apartments individually as well as hotels, offices and other spaces within the buildings.


At the exhibition, we will especially emphasize on how our products from the HiQ and Cybro universe can help achieve energy efficiency. We will also touch on the advantages and capabilities of our HEMS device as well as the functionalities of this gadget. In all, we will be doing a full exposition on how our products can help the construction experts build smarter, fully automated and better buildings. This is in addition to the fact that they will be able to optimize the use of energy thereby saving money and helping contribute to making the world a better, more sustainable place.


We are quite certain that the outcome of our exhibition will be nothing but successful and we look forward to having a larger customer base at the end of the event. We also look forward to having establish ourselves in the Saudi Arabian market as the go-to guys for everything home automation and energy optimization.


We look forward to helping the big construction companies in Saudi Arabia contribute their own quota to the environment and showing themselves as environment friendly corporations.