The relevance of the Robotina company’s brand products on the effectiveness and efficiency of energy distribution and optimization on the Slovenian energy market, cannot be overemphasized. We have come a long way in bringing up innovative products that have brought huge convenience and ease to energy consumers and prosumers- both to the country’s populace, and in fact to other member states in the European Union.

Now, our aim is to be part of a productive synergy with members of the TECES community, that would deliver on laudable energy projects, helping the organization cement on its objectives of creating effective distribution value chains. We have created a viable framework that would actively involve different players in bringing electrical technology at its best to our teeming service users who have placed so much trust and expectation on TECES.

The Robotina company’s role in TECES policy implementations

Our company with its many years of innovative services in the energy sector has come up with working products that is worth commending. The Robotina company’s energy management system is one of the best electrical technology products yet to come on the markets. We bring to users a road map with a comprehensive method for ensuring adequate energy supply and efficient use of it. We intend to implement this by setting up different value (supplier) chains, amongst which would be members from within the TECES network. The contributing value chain stakeholders would be those representing TECES’s electrical energy use and distribution plan. They include the user of flexibility marketing services, implementer for flexibility services for users, aggregator who would serve as a link between the demand of users and the offer of providers of flexibility market, amongst other important stakeholders. This project would be facilitated using contemporary energy management systems notably the home energy management system (HEMS), and business energy management system (BEMS), as well as Kolektor’s BEMS and FEMS management device systems. Some of our partnering companies includes systems and device manufacturers such as Danfoss, and Kronoterm; while others are Letrica Sol, a systems and appliance component manaufacturer, as well as Marles Hîse, which is a buyer and integrator of component systems.

Robotina ICO and its accompanying merits

Part of the elements of our business that has been a stepping stone for our influence and acceptance of the Robotina ROX among users. The Robotina company has a massive organizational structure, with the Robotina ROX turning out to be just one of our successful company product.

Our TECES proposal

As dedicated members of TECES that has been tasked with a responsibility, we hope to take over the aspects of energy management and optimization for electric energy users within the jurisdiction of the TECES organization. With ROX, we can bring effectiveness and convenience to the administration. But then, the question before us, is “Which member companies will efficiently partner with us on energy provision, while we bring our collaborative efforts to stand out as regards the effectiveness of a general smart grid?”

In conclusion

All of the Robotina company’s plans for the projects at hand are expected to see massive output results if well implemented. Building an effective value chain is very key to the success of our programs. Hence, “Which organizations are ready to serve as suppliers on the chain?”. The next line of action lies in this, and it is now left to every member of this organization, to show more reasonable efforts.