Meet people, who started the ROX project.

Devid Palčič

Expert in cognitive technology solutions. In 2011 his contribution to the economy has been recognised by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Slovenia, with the highest national business award. Devid contributed to several patents and products.

Milan Susman

Extensive experience in working as a resident and non resident sales executive in various markets of Asia and the Middle East. He is responsible for international sales and marketing and contributes to the overall sales strategy.

Ivan Morano

Leads a team of engineers and programmers focused on industrial and industry-like automation. He is Robotina’s key Industry 4.0 expert and he approves industrial automation projects. He successfully delivered more than 200 projects in his career.

Ivan Iličić

Head of Robotina applied R&D team. He is responsible for final integrated solutions, which combine controllers, IoT linker, and Cloud software. Ivan lead important projects in Europe and Japan. Currently he is focused on our Home Energy Management System (HEMS) project and on implementation of COS systems with machine learning in real projects.

Dr. Domen Zupančič

Received B.Sc. Ph.D. degree in 2015 from Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School, Ljubljana, Slovenia. His research and development expertise is focused on Robotina Cognitive Optimization System (COS) and machine learning. He is our data scientist.

Damir Škrjanec

Head of R&D with several technical competences: Software design (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, C/C++, JavaScript, Python, assembler, PLC) manmachine interface, software engineering, embedded systems (8051 series), networking (TCP/IP, MODBUS), analogue/ digital electronics.

Davor Senjanovič

Holds the MS degree and has been working in the field of digital controllers since 1977. He is responsible for system software at the microcontroller level. He is expert for PLC programming and project management with detailed knowledge of SCADA systems, field buses C, Visual C#, and 8051 family microcontrollers assembly language programming.

Hubert Golle
Smart Grids

Heads of Smart Grids division in Robotina. He is focused on Japanese and European markets. Smart Grids division includes energy storage systems, energy management systems and IoT based remote operation. He oversees the Goflex project, which will integrate smart grids in three European cities.

Marino Montani

Holds a master’s degree. He is an outstanding Industrial IT Project Manager who heads the implementation and maintenance of the biggest Slovenian network of environmental monitoring Internet of Things (IoT) systems at ARSO (Slovenian Environment Agency).

Armin Alagić

Responsible for blockchain team. He is also a founder of Omnitask Limited and has created team of 10+ members in various skill set including Blockchain, Smart Contract, Ethereum, PHP, Anuglar JS, Node JS and many more.

Igor Marić
Smart Contracts

Full Stack Web Developer with solid background in different programming areas. He has been strongly focused on future technology like Blockchain for development of highly secure smart contracts, websites and control panels for smart contracts.


Irena Lingasi Rogač

She heads a team of more than 50 financial advisors and financial professionals. She has more than 20 years of relevant experience and succesful track record.

Atul Kumar Gupta
Investment Banking

Responsible for Robotina’s UK and international markets. With his extensive experience in investment banking; Atul will focus on the investment related issues. ESCO and VPP crowdfunding pools will be coordinated by Atul.

Elvin Sudiro
Indonesian Market

Mr. Sudiro has extensive experience working as a sales executive across various IoT solutions. He is specialist for Indonesian market where he distributes the Robotina IoT solutions.

Yutaka Kameda
Japan and SAE Markets

Mr. Kameda has 20 years’ experience at PV market covering all areas. He is partnering with numbers of European and Chinese panel and monitoring system firms. He is specialist for Lithium ion rechargeable battery market.

Sanjay Gupta
Indian Market

Mr. Gupta is the CEO of Robotina India operations. B.E.,Mechanical & MBA in Marketing & Finance with over 27 years working experience.

Diego De Fecondo

Holds a master’s degree. He is an outstanding Industrial IT Project Manager who heads the implementation and maintenance of the biggest Slovenian network of environmental monitoring Internet of Things (IoT) systems at ARSO (Slovenian Environment Agency).

Prof. Dr. Matjaž Gams
AI Expert

Main research areas are: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Agents, Human-aware Computing, Wearable Computing, Sensor Fusion.

Dr. Jerneja Gross
Scientific Advisor

Full time professor at the Department of Mechanics, Design and Computer Engineering of the Faculty for industrial engineering. Has a certificate for running Prince2 projects.

Dr. Mario Žganec
Scientific Advisor

Expert on fields: information systems, signal processing, sensors, biometrics, language and speech technologies, multi-modal user interfaces, language resources, data analytics, machine vision, smart machine vision, system control, sensors for smart traffic and smart sites.

M. A. Elena Rutenback
Blockchain Finance

Ms. Rutenbeck is actually serving as a financial accountant and advisor in the UK Company. She is actively researching blockchain related finance and its implementation in different legislations.

Mark Zwanenberg
Benelux and European

Expert on fields: building automation, energy transition, energy concepts, ZERO emission buildings and processes.

Prof. Dr. Massimo La Scala
Smart Grid Science

Prof.Dr. La Scala is Full Professor of Electrical Energy Systems at Politecnico di Bari and Director of the “Laboratory for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in urban areas: Progetto ZERO (Zero Emission Research Option ”. He has been consultant for many agencies involved in the energy business.

Dr. Damir Ismailovič
IT & Mobile

Focus on industry 4.0, software development, mobile technologies. He consults Robotina about mobile solutions and modern software systems.

Prof. Dr. Aleš Kobal
Legal Advisor

Legal expert, qualified to practice Financial Tax Law. He has in-depth knowledge of Legal Methods in Informatics.

Lidija Zeme

Experienced Chief Financial Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Strategic Sustainable Development.

Dr. Gerhard Kleineidam
Future Energy Supply

Advisor for Robotina on implementation of cellular approach of energy supply focusing on the German market and designing scalable solutions based on VDE regulatory framework.

Jožek Gruškovnjak, MBA
Business Development

Experienced global executive, strategy consultant and entrepreneur, focused on market expansion and development of effective go-to-market strategies.