19 05, 2019

The ROX ecosystem


The ROX ecosystem is a composition of several elements, and the ROX supply and demand is one of the central elements. It is the most obvious demand and supply for ROX currently coming together through third party crypto exchange dealers and they are offering a 24-hour a day P2P ROX […]

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21 12, 2018

Is HEMS ment for mining tokens?


The HEMS of Robotina incorporates a ROX incentive that intends to reward an energy efficient behavior existent in connected households who aim at reducing and shifting their consumption level and reducing their demand during peak hours; through their participation in the incentive program.

Some people compare this […]

Is HEMS ment for mining tokens?2018-12-21T09:48:42+01:00
14 12, 2018

Robotina’s ROX token is thriving well; ranks amongst the first 400 cryptocurrency tokens


In the contemporary digital world, a lot has been going on recently, with many more cryptocurrency tokens rapidly fading off the markets. This is not unconnected with an increasing tendency for token users on the overall, to only adopt tokens that have a working physical product or service- for which […]

Robotina’s ROX token is thriving well; ranks amongst the first 400 cryptocurrency tokens2018-12-14T17:41:12+01:00
14 09, 2018

Importance of artificial intelligence


There are a number of issues in energy consumption and its payment that needs to be addressed, and as a matter of urgency. It is common to hear people talk about how much they wished they could have some real control over how their energy supply and usage is being […]

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30 08, 2018

ESCO crowdfunding


There are different energy users with their individual special energy requirements. While some persons are entirely consumers who need to depend on external sources for their energy supplies, others are able to generate their own power with some left to store and keep away- which may also be channeled for […]

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2 08, 2018

Logistic solutions for HEMS

We are working on solutions on how to organize production and logistics for linkers and HEMS
In order to maximize output and to meet up with our company service timetables, there is a need to have some express access to all of our raw material requirements, as well as a defined […]

Logistic solutions for HEMS2018-08-15T19:18:06+01:00
30 07, 2018

ROX token now listed on HITBTC


Recent developments of the Robotina company has been geared towards improving on the record standards we have set, as well as finding ways of fostering lucrative opportunities for our product and service subscribers. The latest event making the rounds on this mission are those that pertains to our highly recognized […]

ROX token now listed on HITBTC2018-08-15T19:18:06+01:00