10 11, 2019

Voice of progress: October 2019


Being Robotina ROX means there is no time to rest on our laurels. Especially now we set the pace for the energy industry.

This means the Robotina team is always on the lookout for the best ways to make a device that already made history in Asia, the HEMS devices, even […]

Voice of progress: October 20192019-11-10T11:26:38+01:00
30 10, 2019



Data, they say, is the modern gold. There are so many connotations to it, but all we know is that this technology-driven era is based on data.

On that note, it doesn’t take a genius to realize how heavily reliant modern companies are on their wealth of data. The more they […]

DATA SALES2019-10-30T11:55:22+01:00
7 10, 2019

Robotina Attends Greenox’s Big Event


For weeks, the huge event our respected partner, Greenox has had in the pipeline was in view. And when the 26th of September came around, we were determined to make sure it ended with a bang!

Housing the dignified and truly established elites in society, the Dragon city towers of Seoul […]

Robotina Attends Greenox’s Big Event2019-10-08T15:04:37+01:00
22 08, 2019

Smart appliances and cities: how does IoT change our everyday life?


The revolution promised by the emerging enigma, the Internet of Things is unfolding in trickles. While the technological leap is promising, we are yet to see the full extent of the ways in which this technology can change our everyday life. A comprehensive Internet of Things means that every facet […]

Smart appliances and cities: how does IoT change our everyday life?2019-08-22T17:59:36+01:00
12 08, 2019

Fundamentally changing the way we use electricity


If we must have enough energy to go around for everyone, the emphasis must be on conservation. Not only will this be good for us as a society, it will also be good for our planet. This is a very big challenge, not only for the government but also the […]

Fundamentally changing the way we use electricity2019-08-13T09:56:30+01:00
10 07, 2019

ROX now available on CatEx


We are proud to announce that ROX deposits and trading is now available on CatEx Exchange (ROX/BTC, ROX/ETH, ROX/TRX).

Why you should get aboard?

The crypto currency economy is one that is fast growing and showing no sign of slowing down. In the last few years, a lot […]

ROX now available on CatEx2019-07-17T13:08:33+01:00
3 07, 2019

Robotina Vice President Milan Susman as a Discussant at UNESCO Event


Today at 1PM part of UNESCO Open Education Design international workshop will take place in Vipava, Slovenia. This is actually multi-stakeholder interactive session where our Vice President Milan Susman will appear as a discussant on the first panel regarding European perspective of how can energy literacy help reach […]

Robotina Vice President Milan Susman as a Discussant at UNESCO Event2019-07-17T13:11:06+01:00
19 05, 2019

The ROX ecosystem


The ROX ecosystem is a composition of several elements, and the ROX supply and demand is one of the central elements. It is the most obvious demand and supply for ROX currently coming together through third party crypto exchange dealers and they are offering a 24-hour a day P2P ROX […]

The ROX ecosystem2019-05-19T16:14:15+01:00
15 04, 2019

Why is blockchain so important in the energy market


Blockchain technology is one that has many potentials for the energy market. This is because of the many opportunities it opens up the market to. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology; this simply implies that it is a list of records albeit a secure and rapidly expanding […]

Why is blockchain so important in the energy market2019-07-17T13:18:20+01:00
6 03, 2019

Three markets now available on new ROX exchange


ROX Listing

Though ROX was available on several different exchanges, we added one more on three (3) different markets:

With BTC being the largest cryptocurrency we have on the planet (which means […]

Three markets now available on new ROX exchange2019-07-17T13:24:34+01:00