5 12, 2018

Voice of progress- November 2018


We have been able to stay gallantly up and running, on the Robotina business front. It’s many thanks to the company’s development and management teams, who have continued to work round the clock in ensuring that our company legacies are well built to stand the test of time. In fact, […]

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26 09, 2018

ROX token now listed on Coinmarketcap


The Robotina IoT platform’s native ROX token, has continued to move up the progress ladder in all essence. While we work to ensure that the token ultimately becomes a true utility asset for all of our company’s transaction activities, we have already started out on the implementation of the basic […]

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4 09, 2018

How the Robotina community is able to earn ROX token


The Robotina company is making the big impacts on the energy sector, and our products and services are becoming even more popular. All of these achievements have become some form of speculative indicators for energy analysts, as to the future of the energy sector- especially starting from the […]

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15 08, 2018

Characteristics features of the Robotina marketplace


In order to bring the required convenience to the scene- especially as regards business transactions and payments, we have built and designed our own peculiar marketplace. The Robotina platform’s marketplace carries use case characteristics that would facilitate every type of business transactions associated with the products and services we offer.

According […]

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