27 04, 2020


The dark clouds that surrounds us currently, helps us put everything in perspective. We now realize how much our efforts should be channeled at making sure that the future is cleaner – not an exchange of power for pollution – and smarter, an exchange of efficiency for unnecessary hard work. […]
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18 03, 2020

Voice of Progress – February 2020


As a company set about Revolutionizing the way power is being consumed and controlled, it is always a pleasure to let you know how we have been working on to make you even more comfortable. In this month newsletter, we will be touching on our progress so far.

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13 02, 2020

Voice of progress: January 2020


In the last thirty days, we have made unprecedented progress in several areas across board in all of our endeavors as a company. As our duty, we hereby inform you of the giant’s strides we have made: 


  • Aggregated KPI indicators are added for different […]
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13 08, 2019

Voice of progress – August


It’s a new month and it’s so exciting to give you all the information on the amazing things we have been up to at Robotina ROX. Over the last month, we have made a great deal of progress especially on the technical front. That is not to say […]

Voice of progress – August2019-08-13T13:02:48+01:00
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