16 07, 2019

Erigeneia project – Robotina hosting important technical meeting


In what we tag as a progressive development for us as a community, we are proud to announce to you that Robotina will in three days host a technical meeting unveiling the Erigeneia project & EMS specifications.

The Erigeneia project is fully in line with the Pillar […]

Erigeneia project – Robotina hosting important technical meeting2019-07-17T13:07:54+01:00
6 04, 2019

Bridge HORIZON 2020: Part 1


BRIDGE is a cooperation group involving 36 Low Carbon Energy (LCE) Smart-Grid and Energy Storage projects and it is funded under the Horizon 2020 program over the last four years (2014-2017). This cooperation aims to foster the exchange of information, experience, knowledge and best practices among its members. […]

Bridge HORIZON 2020: Part 12019-07-17T13:19:54+01:00
30 03, 2019

Kabtel DOOEL is now official Robotina’s partner in Macedonia


Recently we had a preparation meeting with representatives of Strabag company for reconstruction of the irrigation system in Vardar valley, together with our partner in Macedonia Kabtel D.O.O.E.L.. Engineers from Strabag were also interested in functionalities of the HEMS system as the project will consume a lot of energy and […]

Kabtel DOOEL is now official Robotina’s partner in Macedonia2019-07-17T13:20:36+01:00
17 11, 2018

“MOVE THE CONSUMPTION” project succeed!


First survey results: The users are satisfied with the project MOVE THE CONSUMPTION.

The responses of the users who participated in the project MOVE THE CONSUMPTION are very encouraging as they show that the project has already achieved its purpose. The use of advanced technologies is seen as a success in […]

“MOVE THE CONSUMPTION” project succeed!2019-07-17T13:30:35+01:00
26 10, 2018

Going beyond Europe


At the Robotina company, we have realized the increasing relevance of our company products and services, for various energy markets outside of Europe. Thus, since our company aims to be an active part of the solutions that would solve the prevailing challenges of contemporary energy supply and use, […]

Going beyond Europe2019-07-17T13:32:54+01:00
19 10, 2018

New, even bigger projects in Saudi Arabia


The Robotina company has continued to spread its business tentacles, as we find ways of pushing our highly innovative energy solutions to various energy markets across the globe. Now, we’re looking way beyond the European markets, since we believe there are several other energy markets that are in dire need […]

New, even bigger projects in Saudi Arabia2019-07-17T13:33:52+01:00
14 10, 2018

Robotina and Iconics at SPS IPC drives exhibition


From over the years, the Robotina company has entered into a good number of high value partnerships with well recognized energy and technological expert firms. Consequently, this move has helped us gather various knowledge and skills, that have become useful in our quest for excellence.

Some of […]

Robotina and Iconics at SPS IPC drives exhibition2018-12-09T11:03:57+01:00
15 07, 2018

CEO Devid Palcic UK meeting: The “Innovate UK” meeting


As part of the Robotina company’s objective of bringing new and innovative energy management and optimization solutions to energy users in as many countries as possible, the company management team lead by the CEO and president Devid Palcic, is taking the positive revolution to the UK. […]

CEO Devid Palcic UK meeting: The “Innovate UK” meeting2019-07-17T13:48:50+01:00
11 07, 2018

TECES Workshop at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia


The relevance of the Robotina company’s brand products on the effectiveness and efficiency of energy distribution and optimization on the Slovenian energy market, cannot be overemphasized. We have come a long way in bringing up innovative products that have brought huge convenience and ease to energy […]

TECES Workshop at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia2019-07-17T13:50:38+01:00
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