1 02, 2020

EU Gateway Korea


As Seollal passes, we are coerced into reflecting about South Korea.

Since President Moon Jae-in took the oath of office in 2017, there has been visible reformations in diplomatic relations and corresponding economic stability. Unfortunately, as the Korean Independence Day draws closer, the problem of air pollution […]

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20 11, 2019

First HEMS installation in Seoul 20th Nov 2019


It is a joke to consider the progress of Robotina ROX in the past year as anything but intense. The platform has become involved in so many events and projects around the world, that outsiders have begun to wonder how the members of the ROX Universe have come […]

First HEMS installation in Seoul 20th Nov 20192019-11-20T10:58:51+01:00
2 09, 2019

This is how our trip to South Korea passed by


In a world where forums and awareness programs are set up to make people feel trendy by speaking about energy management, Robotina ROX stands tall as a stalwart advocate for energy management all over the world. From smart homes and offices to more energy-conscious industries, we have taken […]

This is how our trip to South Korea passed by2019-09-02T12:23:49+01:00
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