27 04, 2020


The dark clouds that surrounds us currently, helps us put everything in perspective. We now realize how much our efforts should be channeled at making sure that the future is cleaner – not an exchange of power for pollution – and smarter, an exchange of efficiency for unnecessary hard work. […]
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31 01, 2020

Devid Palcic lectures on Academy of Construction Investment


It is a testament of how far civilisation has come that more specialized institutions have been established to deal with very specific problems in modern society. One of such establishments is the  Academy of Construction Investment which exists solely to give people better instructions on getting the best investments.

Now, the […]

Devid Palcic lectures on Academy of Construction Investment2020-01-31T12:57:23+01:00
11 11, 2019

European Utility Week Paris



Exciting times are on the horizon, and members of the Robotina community are guaranteed to be at the heart of it all. And just by the hands or fate or the luck of coincidence, a convention arrives to prove that statement.

Some 54 […]

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7 10, 2019

Robotina Attends Greenox’s Big Event


For weeks, the huge event our respected partner, Greenox has had in the pipeline was in view. And when the 26th of September came around, we were determined to make sure it ended with a bang!

Housing the dignified and truly established elites in society, the Dragon city towers of Seoul […]

Robotina Attends Greenox’s Big Event2019-10-08T15:04:37+01:00
3 02, 2019

Exhibition of the HiQ Home Automation System at Decofair 2019


As part of our efforts to stay active on the Saudi Arabian market and create awareness for our products, we will be partaking in an interior exhibition at the Decofair 2019 happening in the city of Riyadh between the 4th and 6th of February.

Decofair […]

Exhibition of the HiQ Home Automation System at Decofair 20192019-07-17T13:27:02+01:00
30 11, 2018

Robotina presented in Illuminotronica 2018

Robotina in Illuminotronica Bologna

The need for increased public awareness of the trends and developments in IoT technology for energy use management and optimization, cannot be overemphasized. Nowadays, more firms and organizations are beginning to see a more pressing need for an effective energy management framework, which implies a […]

Robotina presented in Illuminotronica 20182019-07-17T13:29:37+01:00
26 10, 2018

Going beyond Europe


At the Robotina company, we have realized the increasing relevance of our company products and services, for various energy markets outside of Europe. Thus, since our company aims to be an active part of the solutions that would solve the prevailing challenges of contemporary energy supply and use, […]

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22 10, 2018

HEMS will be presented on 23-24 Oct at the Smart Home Congress, Nuremberg


The Smart Home Congress is one of the most recognized events, that promotes the realization of the smart concept of energy utilization in homes andother energy utilizing structures. The event holds in Germany, but participants are expected from other countries within and outside the European Union. Basic events at the […]

HEMS will be presented on 23-24 Oct at the Smart Home Congress, Nuremberg2019-07-17T13:33:31+01:00
19 10, 2018

New, even bigger projects in Saudi Arabia


The Robotina company has continued to spread its business tentacles, as we find ways of pushing our highly innovative energy solutions to various energy markets across the globe. Now, we’re looking way beyond the European markets, since we believe there are several other energy markets that are in dire need […]

New, even bigger projects in Saudi Arabia2019-07-17T13:33:52+01:00
9 10, 2018

Robotina hosted major event at their headquarter


At the Robotina company, we understand the importance of appropriately enhancing productivity tendencies and general market relevance. This is a reason why we’re making sure to carry every stakeholder along, especially as regards our company operations.

By reason of this, the Robotina company has recently held one of its major events […]

Robotina hosted major event at their headquarter2019-07-17T13:36:03+01:00
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