Energy optimization

15 05, 2019

Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and the World Population


It is no new story that the world’s population keeps increasing and it is becoming quite alarming. With increase in population comes increase in energy usage or consumption. Even with the present population, various means of energy consumption has been seen and several problems has been observed such […]

Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and the World Population2019-05-15T13:35:13+01:00
10 05, 2019

Bridge HORIZON 2020: Part 2


GOFLEX project kicked-off in November 2016, and it’s now in the process of specifying in detail how the various smart-grid technologies work together and how they will be deployed at the demonstration sites. Now, let’s talk about the impacts that it would make:


If the model of the harmonized market is […]

Bridge HORIZON 2020: Part 22019-05-10T12:15:46+01:00
30 11, 2018

Robotina presented in Illuminotronica 2018

Robotina in Illuminotronica Bologna

The need for increased public awareness of the trends and developments in IoT technology for energy use management and optimization, cannot be overemphasized. Nowadays, more firms and organizations are beginning to see a more pressing need for an effective energy management framework, which implies a […]

Robotina presented in Illuminotronica 20182018-12-09T11:03:56+01:00
10 11, 2018

HEMS and its many prospects


The home energy management system (HEMS) and all of its accompanying functional components, have shown their indispensable relevance in facilitating energy availability and public utilization. Note that one of the predominant hindrances to constant energy supply for many people in the present decade, is the perceived inability to carry out […]

HEMS and its many prospects2018-12-09T11:03:56+01:00
23 09, 2018

HIQ Home: The watch when you’re away


There are different components comprising the complete Robotina IoT energy optimization project toolkit. The company’s objective doesn’t just stop at energy management by whatever means, but via the use of structured products that makes sure the objective is ultimately achieved – even if the users are not able to dedicate […]

HIQ Home: The watch when you’re away2018-09-23T09:49:39+01:00
10 09, 2018

HEMS: The perfect tool for transforming passive homes to proactive energy consumers


The home energy management system (HEMS) of the Robotina company, is an all rounded energy optimization solution. It is thus, one of the best things that has hit the energy sphere, with a gross overall improvement ratio as observed by utilizing households and other energy consuming structures. The system rightly […]

HEMS: The perfect tool for transforming passive homes to proactive energy consumers2018-09-10T09:25:29+01:00
27 08, 2018

Revealing of the surprise package we promised


Generally, in energy use optimization functions, there is the need for an active energy use counter, which is the meter. This allows the energy user see the readings for every time; and it would become near impossible to effect control, and a paramount optimization if there was no counter meter […]

Revealing of the surprise package we promised2019-01-12T17:45:56+01:00