14 03, 2020

ROX Tokens – How to Buy, Store and Trade them.


It’s no longer secret that Internet of Things (IoT) platform market is expected to register a CAGR of 28% over the forecast period (2020 – 2024). Therefore at Robotina, we get many questions how to buy, store and trade ROX tokens, which are integral part of Shared Economy System on Robotina IoT […]

ROX Tokens – How to Buy, Store and Trade them.2020-03-14T09:10:11+01:00
14 01, 2020

Is the ROX Universe Platform the greatest enemy traditional energy providers ever faced?


The ROX Universe Platform cannot be disputed as one of the few ideal steps effected over the course of the past few years in the energy sector. It offers the users an absolute perspective over their domestic energy situations, while proposing effective management strategies to save cost, the environment and […]

Is the ROX Universe Platform the greatest enemy traditional energy providers ever faced?2020-01-14T16:53:13+01:00
30 11, 2019



The time is fast approaching, when it will be said that the world once depended on some traditionally placed middlemen to relegate power from the energy producers to the energy consumers. In fact, many would rightly argue that that time is already here.

The ROX Universe has amassed an insuppressible following […]

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11 11, 2019

European Utility Week Paris



Exciting times are on the horizon, and members of the Robotina community are guaranteed to be at the heart of it all. And just by the hands or fate or the luck of coincidence, a convention arrives to prove that statement.

Some 54 […]

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7 10, 2019

Robotina Attends Greenox’s Big Event


For weeks, the huge event our respected partner, Greenox has had in the pipeline was in view. And when the 26th of September came around, we were determined to make sure it ended with a bang!

Housing the dignified and truly established elites in society, the Dragon city towers of Seoul […]

Robotina Attends Greenox’s Big Event2019-10-08T15:04:37+01:00
29 04, 2019

What’s more than Blockchain in 2019 energy trends?


Clean energy has been growing in leaps and bounds in recent times. And according to projections, the industry is set to develop even more in 2019. The following are the projected trends expected to be seen in the energy sector this year 2019 by Forbes and the Open Energy Market.

Energy […]

What’s more than Blockchain in 2019 energy trends?2019-07-17T13:17:04+01:00
15 04, 2019

Why is blockchain so important in the energy market


Blockchain technology is one that has many potentials for the energy market. This is because of the many opportunities it opens up the market to. Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology; this simply implies that it is a list of records albeit a secure and rapidly expanding […]

Why is blockchain so important in the energy market2019-07-17T13:18:20+01:00
23 03, 2019

Digital solutions for the future of energy


Beyond every aorta of doubt, the blockchain industry has come to stay and has a bright future ahead of it. Are you aware that just the energy sector alone in the digital infrastructure has already invested forty-seven billion dollars in 2017 and these investments have been seen to have increased […]

Digital solutions for the future of energy2019-07-17T13:21:51+01:00
8 01, 2019

According to Forbes Robotina’s projects could be a part of new trends in 2019


For people who have been living on this planet and have had access to the internet and information, blockchain technology is definitely not an unheard of thing. But for those who just came down from Mars or who has been living on some remote part of the planet where the […]

According to Forbes Robotina’s projects could be a part of new trends in 20192019-07-17T13:28:21+01:00
30 11, 2018

Robotina presented in Illuminotronica 2018

Robotina in Illuminotronica Bologna

The need for increased public awareness of the trends and developments in IoT technology for energy use management and optimization, cannot be overemphasized. Nowadays, more firms and organizations are beginning to see a more pressing need for an effective energy management framework, which implies a […]

Robotina presented in Illuminotronica 20182019-07-17T13:29:37+01:00
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