Keeping up with global demands and setting new paces, the Slovenia Energy association has, in the last few years, stepped into its rightful place amidst the League of Nations in the areas of smart energy production and consumption. The association is not slowing down by any means; neither are there plans to take the feet off the gas pedal in the foreseeable future.  

It is in line with this aim of spreading and sharing information around the smart energy consumption and usage that the yearly Slovenian Energy Association (SZE) International Conference has been set up. The 2020 edition billed to take place between the 22nd and 24th of March at the Grand Hotel Bernardin located in Portoroz, Slovenia has the support and partnership from TECES, SRIP Smart Buildings, and Home with Wood Chain. 

However, while Portoroz is more than ready to host all of the dignitaries coming into town, it is a disappointment that everyone will have to wait until September to see the beautiful city. More importantly, the even more pragmatic discussions that will ensue at the SZE conference. 

It is quite unfortunate that due to widespread global cases of the coronavirus scientifically named COVID-19, the event has been postponed until 13th to 15th of September 2020. This is in line with the global response to the virus outbreak. 

Howbeit, there is no reason to panic, the event will still be hitch-free, and all of the bases will be touched as the postponement was necessary to safeguard the health of all attendees and to minimize all eventualities. 

This year’s conference is scheduled to have a theme that accommodates all the elements of the future of the energy concept and its usage in smart buildings. It also embraces the digitization of energy consumption for urban homes and the responsibilities of smart home developers to integrate smart energy fully, which is appropriate, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.