From the inception of our company services, Robotina has shown so much interest in consumer and client feedbacks. This is important to us, because it helps us know how much we’ve been able to meet the needs and demands of our ever growing user base, as well as helping us decide on the best ways of implementing each of our developed solutions. From over the years, the Robotina culture has been that which adopts various means for sampling supporters opinions, so as to achieve optimum customer satisfaction and results.

Our current survey is aimed at finding a way of removing possible difficulties that may be encountered by our company supporters- especially as regards the installation and use of the HEMS controllers. The survey takes a number of key factors to consideration, and we expect responses that could give us a lead as to how effective our efforts have been. Finally, when the feedbacks arrive, we would be able to make an assessment which could consequently influence whatever actions we would be taking.

Topics covered in the survey
Basically, the survey asks questions that primarily concerns the HEMS units and their functions (not an evaluation of Robotina’s entire service delivery). Thus, the questions asked were directed straight to the HEMS product, and how people were finding its use on the overall.


Many of the topics raised targeted new users of HEMS, and how they were able to carry out installation of their individual units. The need for this response is germane, considering the fact that there are a number of factors that can cause an issue for new users. For instance, the HEMS device was not a common technology until now. Thus, people are still very much new to the technology, its working procedures, and other ingrained characteristics that comes with it.

The comments on how new users are able to cope with the HEMS installation, would help us issue out responses that could guide existing and future HEMS supporters on how best and convenient to go about the processes.

Furthermore, we intend to know how much of our supporters are users of either of the single phase electricity connection, or the three phase. Based on this, we require responses signifying how much appliance load they would be allocating to the lines, as well as the amount of space they have present in their electrical fuse box.

All of the Robotina efforts are geared towards meeting consumer satisfaction. This is why we also employ supporters to make mention of the ways they think the company can be of help to them.