The revolution promised by the emerging enigma, the Internet of Things is unfolding in trickles. While the technological leap is promising, we are yet to see the full extent of the ways in which this technology can change our everyday life. A comprehensive Internet of Things means that every facet of life will be automated to a very large extent.

Conserving energy is a forte of IoT devices and this is one the unique selling point. As such, the most of you already know we have been working along lines to draft IoT into the ROX Universe platform.  IoT is set to change our everyday life and these are just a few ways IoT has already been deployed to make our lives better:

While a sizable population of the world do not live in smart homes yet, those who do enjoy the privilege of having devices and appliances that can communicate with each other and study the behavioral pattern of their owners in a bid to serve them even better. From doors that can lock themselves to thermostats that automatically power down once their owners leave the house; Internet of Things is doing much more than just being modern, it is extremely practical and it saves a whole lot of energy in the process.

Instead of having to bother with new ways you can save energy, the smart devices powered by Internet of Things simply learn your habits and save as much energy by running at low wattage or switching off completely when you are away or when not in use.  What’s more fulfilling than knowing that appliances on the ROX Universe platform will fully utilize Internet of things?

Another area where Internet of Things is making everyday life better is in the area of wearable device. A very versatile example is the fitness wristband that monitors the movement routine of its wearer, keeps the data and therefore spurring a healthier living. While human needs are not entirely predictable, Internet of Things pieces together appliances that are long-term learners. While there are concerns with the ethical standards of these devices and measures are being deliberated to ensure that software developers do not infringe on the rights of the users, Internet of Things is here to make life better.

What is the essence of making our own lives better if we only leave the planet worse than we met it? The smart devices are even better as they are adept at saving energy, this in turn makes for a better world.

The question when it comes to the widespread use of smart devices backed by IoT is not if, it is when? With a lot of cities adopting smart devices in keeping abreast of traffic information, lighting and waste disposal, it is a matter of time before several others follow suit.

You can trust Robotina ROX as we are not on the sideline either, the ROX Universe platform is one that will fully incorporate the tenets of IoT, allowing appliances to study your habit and gather data while at it.