For quite some time, the industrial environment has been flushed with ideas like the internal trade of energy sources. Ideas that have been mooted to serve as an indicator of the bright and exciting future that innovative technological advancements like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can offer us.

The concept revolves around a future where energy prosumers and producers can directly sell energy to other users in need of energy, using the elements of the New Industry like AI and IoT. Owners of smaller electricity producing ventures, like people who own small solar power plants, will have the option to divest their generated power – in case of local power generating companies – or sell off excess energy – in case of domestic households – looking to maximize their generated electricity.

Through the ROX Universe platform will provide users can instantly exchange energy and funds neatly, and at a cheaper rate too, even cheaper than the fees that utilities offer their power for. At the same time, there will be a sharp and positive change in culture when it comes to energy savings since even domestic energy prosumers can get good value for energy they would otherwise waste.

Indeed, by making the energy transfer process a virtual one, this amazing platform does the job of decluttering the electricity network brilliantly, while doing away with the unnecessary costs associated with the traditional means of buying energy. Of course, this is bound to upset many energy retailers, who have long served as middlemen between energy users and producers, but for the patrons of the platform, the energy producers and consumers, this is awesome news.

This platform is designed to run on a digital currency, ROX tokens, which gives users greater flexibility in the proceeds from their energy sales. That is, with ROX tokens, users can either choose to sell the energy for financial returns or they can get some other type of energy.

To put it all in perspective, the owner of an electric car charging terminal, can offer his or her charging spot and equipment to other electric car users who are looking for a quick charge in exchange for money, or exchanging the services for another form of energy or service through the ROX Universe platform. While it is his/her private property, maximizing resources means that it can be better used to help people who need the car plug when it is not in use, and getting paid for it.

In this way, Robotina ROX renders this idea corporeal, bringing the theoretically possible dream of a fair and unified energy trading platform into reality. Coupled with other benefits like the energy management and detection fixtures that help to analyze a building’s energy situation and prevent wastage, as well as an opportunity to buy into other profitable projects and schemes that the parent company of the ROX Universe platform has planned. For people seeking to maximize the value of energy they produced in excess or others looking to get energy at cheaper rates, that is icing on a very delicious cake.