Recent developments of the Robotina company has been geared towards improving on the record standards we have set, as well as finding ways of fostering lucrative opportunities for our product and service subscribers. The latest event making the rounds on this mission are those that pertains to our highly recognized ROX token- which is the fuel for the ingenious Robotina IoT platform.

We are hoping that there would be appreciable demand for the ROX tokens in the days to come, especially after we have fully implemented its use on all of our service platforms. Hence, part of the reasons why we are making efforts to get the token listed on exchange platforms, is to facilitate liquidity for the token such that there is an increased use of it.

With this achievement, we have successfully fulfilled an important yearning of our loyal supporters, and we are sure this is the most important and exciting news they’ve been waiting for.

Why the HITBTC exchange services are necessary for our token

As we aim to increase acceptance and adoption for ROX, there’s a need to have the token on a platform where trading activities are on the high. Currently, the HITBTC exchange is one of the most recognized and busiest exchange platforms in the world. Our association with the exchange could very well increase ROX token liquidity, and then a rise in the ROX token demand on the overall cryptocurrency market. Hence, ROX users now have an enabling platform where they can buy and sell their ROX tokens depending on their individual use needs and demands.

What you should do with your ROX tokens

Although we cannot definitely speculate how much success the ROX token would have in a determined time period, there are certain accompanying factors that tells the possibilities that lies therein. For instance, the fact that Robotina has been a standing company with physical products and services, are an added reason why more people would have reasons to buy the token. Since the token would serve as a transaction fuel for our product and services, we expect that as we continually spread our business influence, so also would ROX demand increase considerably. By this, current users are expected to hold unto their tokens, as they would be at the advantage end if demand rises. Part of the factors that would facilitate a rise in demand for Robotina’s ROX tokens, are the moves we’re already making in taking our optimization products and services to as many countries as possible. Hence, as the demand for our services increases, so also would the demand for our transaction currency.

Our plans for the nearest future

We are continuously working to expand our horizon and influence on the cryptocurrency space, especially starting from the coming few weeks. By this, we would see the ROX token listed on several other big exchanges, where they would be actively traded. Actions aimed in this direction are already on the way, and our users can be assured of having even more greater options to choose from, for their ROX trading activities.


The Robotina company would continue to do everything possible to bring even more benefits to our supporters, both for now, and in the future.