Dear supporters and partners,


first of all, let us wish you a Happy New Year. We are sure this is The Year and saying that, we believe that 2023 will be a year, when we will kick off and finally see and feel results of half decade of investments.


You surely remember, that we predicted future increase of electric energy cost back in 2018. At same time we predicted that existing electric grids will not be able to provide required power to homes without embedding concept of active prosumer.


During 2022 Europe faced the biggest ever energy cost crisis. With costs touching previously unbelievable heights of 500 EUR for MWh, our predictions on increased energy cost became truth. Electrification of Mobility and fast introduction of heat-pump heating in Central and Northern Europe, grid operators are having problems delivering power to end users. Once penetration of electric cars will excess 15% of households, they will most likely require more than all available peak power for the particular street. As predicted, we are approaching this situation at a fast pace and we expect increase of peak power cost well above the existing ones. We are faced with high spot prices for energy and with limited last mile power transmission.


Fortunately, HEMS can help each household and business to overcome the existing problems and to achieve important savings now and in the future. We embedded active prosumer concept in each HEMS and turn consumers in prosumers. With, ROX Charger you charge your car with cheapest energy and at the same time optimize electric energy flow in your home or building. Built-in HEMS can wirelessly control your main electric consumers like water heater and heat pump. If you own a Solar Power plant, you can use HEMS to optimize your earnings and to achieve a fully green operations and charging and even a storage battery is seamlessly controlled by HEMS.


All this in a single device, which you anyhow need for charging of your electric car. That is why, we are confident: ROX Charger is the game changer.


News will follow in January 2023.