In the contemporary digital world, a lot has been going on recently, with many more cryptocurrency tokens rapidly fading off the markets. This is not unconnected with an increasing tendency for token users on the overall, to only adopt tokens that have a working physical product or service- for which those tokens serve as the corresponding transaction fuels. Hence, this may be a good signal for such tokens like the ROX, whose operations are a complement of our high value Robotina energy services.


This is true, considering the fact that we have been able to implement the use of the token for many of our business interactions between clients- who are consequently users on our IoT platform, and the platform as a self sufficient entity (representing Robotina).


Reasons and implications of a sustained market ranking


There are assessment indicators by which we may come to a conclusion on how well a token is thriving. Any token that has been able to sustain its overall market ranking- at least, can be said to maintain reasonable sustainability prospects, for the long run. Considering the general decline in token market capitalization (as of November 2018), the ROX has shown fundamental signs of its ability to outlive the present market troubles.


According to observations, the tokens would continue to show relevance, since it is used as transaction tool for an everyday basic need- energy services. Hence, as our company energy services expand, so also will the use of the ROX token. What this means in essence, is that there would be an increased pull on ROX demand as the days go by.


How the ROX token promotes our company services


The reasons why we’ve decided to adopt a utility token as against the fiat currency transactions,are not far fetched.The advantages of a token payment framework includes its low cost of transactions- no matter where the initiator is located in the world,. Thus Robotina ROX will be able to facilitate the expanding community and reward any energy efficient behavior immediately when it happen.


Asides all of this, the ROX token has been of immense advantage to users, and this is why we are giving it all the support that is needed.