So far, the year 2018 has been a year of milestone achievements for the Robotina company. We can boldly speak of how much progress we’re making- not just on the Slovenian markets, but on the global power scene.

Our objective activities have been aimed at meeting the peculiar demands of energy consumers, prosumers and all of the stakeholders on the energy front. As we begin the last quarter of the year, we’re making sure to consolidate on the achievements of the past eight months, while we look to the bright future ahead. This is even as we strive to hit the set hallmark before the close of business activities, for the year.

The final decisions on the market presentation of HEMS unit

Over time, we have been working on perfecting all the components of the HEMS controller, to include the accompanying features of it. Some of the modifications we have made, were necessitated based on the feedback we got, as well as our own observations. As it stands, our company has completed series of thorough test exercises aimed at ascertaining the credibility level of all of our hardware and software tools.

In addition to the fact that we’re making sure all of our overall system is always up and running, we’re never ceasing to build and incorporate ease of use options for our product and service users.

For instance, we have concluded on the final definition of the contents that will accompany the HEMS packaging. By this, all is now set for the implementation of the content in the HEMS packaging design. Asides this, the designer has also gotten approval on a final design for the sticker/folia that will be attached to every HEMS device.

Furthermore, we have been able to jack up basic concepts for every of our data collection, aggregation, and processing methods, in such a way that facilitates accurate data acquisition. The advantage in the new method, is that these data could consequently be represented on graph chart, or as texts on the interface.

The other achievements so far

The Robotina company has entered into high value partnerships that has contributed immensely to the development of energy technology. These result-oriented associations has helped us infuse levels of smart energy behaviors to the scene; which are an advancement on the old prevailing methods that are now failing. Our partnership in the GOFLEX energy consortium project remains ever green, and this has helped us gain some more publicity and supporters- especially within the European axis.

Another achievement that has placed Robotina on the favorite’s list, is the fact that our IoT platform is able to combat looming failures that are peculiar to smart grid technology, and the chances of its adoption. The work done in bringing the standards to the current height, are an enormous sum.

We continue to aim at attaining the highest peak in energy management and optimization, while we’re also keen on carrying our concerned stakeholders along. The goal of the Robotina company is to make energy solutions accessible to as many as possible.