The Smart Home Congress is one of the most recognized events, that promotes the realization of the smart concept of energy utilization in homes andother energy utilizing structures. The event holds in Germany, but participants are expected from other countries within and outside the European Union. Basic events at the congress, are those that encourages and promotes production, publicity, and distribution of smart home and smart living products.

Consequently, our company has identified a good medium that should facilitate the propagation of its activities, and the significance that this holds for the energy market in Germany.

Highlight features of the Smart Home Congress

The Smart Home Congress aims at providing a publicity and enlightenment framework for companies and business ventures that are into the production and/or sales of Smart energy products. This comes in recognition of an increasing acceptance of smart energy solutions, and the rising markets for such commodities. Analysts and stakeholders for the congress have expressed optimism on the impressive aftermath effects of the events, and the many positive impacts that it would have for smart energy inclined firms.

Participants at the congress would cut across members from electrical product manufacturing firms, to energy providing companies and other attached service providers. There would be room for interactive activities and networking between potential consumers and the service providers.

In addition to these, another segment to look out for, are the lecture and trade exhibition shows. In this segment, companies and sales companies would be allowed to display their smart energy products, for the attending general public. Robotina has concluded plans on making sure that we are well represented at the event, as we would be presenting HEMS and our HIS solutions at the congress.

We would welcome all intending Robotina service users to an enlightenment forum where we would discuss all the required basics that they need to know about our products and services. This would also include a number of live demonstrations, depending on how necessary we find this.

As common with conventional congresses, there would be discussions chaired by experts and important personalities on the smart energy front. They would be answering general questions on the progress made so far, and the challenges and solutions to smart living. During the course of this, participants would be able to easily acquire useful knowledge, as well as identify market opportunities that would be beneficial for their own type of energy activities.
Other considerations for the congress

In order to ensure that all outlined programs and displayed innovations are made to conform to required standards, the presentations would be introduced to the audience together with VDE Verlag. Consequently, all displayed products must have been acknowledged and approved according to VDE standards. This shows that the congress has been designed in such a way that it gets the backings and support of federal standard regulatory agencies.
All participating companies are mandated to maintain proper standard recommendations, and Robotina is proud to be a major player in such an event.