As part of our commitment to making life better for all and sundry, the Robotina company has embarked on a number of charity activities and events aimed at bridging the gap between the less privileged children in society, and the society itself. The need to carry out this event comes as a result of our company’s resolve to give to society in as much ways, as it’s possible, as well as in a bid to contribute to society building.

Since inception, the Robotina company has always found ways of rendering all round charity services to society. Thus, as much as we’re fully involved in ensuring effective energy use for the populace, we’re also concerned about the overall condition of society and the people in it.

The most recent of these events is the company’s charity events and its accompanying activities which was organized for children of the Stars for the children foundation; a charity outfit founded by Prince Albert Monashki, in collaboration with the Botrym project.

Activities at the event

The charity program had a football match, as one of the main activities on the schedule. The match was played between the star team of Monaco, and the team celebrities of Slovenia. Attendance was quite impressive, as football enthusiasts and lovers of charity campaigns were all in attendance. Alongside members of the star team Monaco were Italian skier and car racer, Kristian Ghedina, racer car driver Andrea Caldarelli, retired Slovenian skier Alex Caffi, retired Italian footballer Jure Košir, and driver for racing vehicles Marco Simone. Players for the team celebrities of Slovenia included Jože Potrebuješ, Matjaž Jelen, Villi Resnik, amongst others.

The match was well coordinated with both sides playing well, and entertaining the spectators who cheered them on. At the end of the game, the team celebrities of Slovenia came victorious as winners. The match and charity event organizers were commended by high personalities who also came to show their support. Some of those who gave the commendations includes the Koper deputy mayor Peter Bolčič, who pledged some support for the initiative and encouraged the continuation of such charity oriented events.

There were also other events characterizing the program, with all of it geared towards achieving our noble cause.

Benefits of the football match for our charity objectives

A substantial amount of funds raised from sales of the tickets for the match have been dedicated to our collective charity cause. Even so, more donations have continued to come in, and we’re optimistic of meeting set targets before the end of the year.

As a result of the Robotina’s charity resolve, we have created a network that will see to the funding of charitable activities from time to time. The activities of this network would have influence on regions within Slovenia, and then spreading across EU member states. As we continue to gain grounds, we intend to also move up to other countries, and especially those places where these aids are needed the most.