Korea is the mission target of the Business Avenues on the focus topic of Green technologies, and on the 3rd to the 7th of February, 2020, Seoul will play host to the biggest stakeholders of the business and renewable energy sectors.

Of course, the renewable energy industry is not what it was even a decade ago. New players have come into the market and breathed life and intense competition into a sector that was previously not labeled a ‘feasible solution’. It is this future market of green energy and technologies that will be front and center of this Business Mission to Korea and that says a lot about how far the world has come in terms of energy. Unfortunately, not all players in this industry will share in the accolades.

Deftly put, many were called to attention of the fourth EU Gateway which is scheduled to be held in Korea, but few were chosen. Robotina ROX, based on a foundation that is wholly devoted to the realization of a greener future for mankind, a world of incomprehensible efficiency that will give even more joy and life to the generations to come, accomplished through ingenious use of all available advanced technology and the spine to work hard towards difficult ambitions has beaten intense competition from Europe to receive an invitation to be part of that special gathering.

This invitation only stands to establish Robotina’s standing among the world’s elite in the renewable energy industry, and that testifies of the level of the cutting-edge solutions that Robotina has birthed and developed among the tens and hundreds of energy solutions proposed by other groups all over the world.

Thus, the Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS), HIQ Universe platform, Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and the COS will be presented before all the minds invited and present for the event.

Make no mistake, a gathering of this scale is a goldmine of opportunities for Robotina ROX, as well as all our Korean partners and investors. It presents a chance to co-create solutions that will guarantee the world at large a better future, by improving efficiency of the use and distribution of generated power as well as other ideas and technologies that have a similar effect of keeping the future safe. At the same time, it will reward those who partake in the struggle for this glorious future by delivering a huge impact business-wise. Essentially, it is an opportunity to get more people involved in the quest to reduce our toxic footprints, enriching our environment and getting financial benefits in the process.

Of course, apart from intelligence and hard work, Robotina ROX is also built on principles of meticulous strategic planning and preparation. To that effect, the first meeting towards the game plan of Robotina ROX regarding the Business Missions to Korea which holds next year. Today, in Brussels, we decide and strategize how to achieve the realization of the best-case scenario. After all, to be honest, a better venue could not have been chosen since Robotina has made a great mark in Seoul, and Korea at large. Judging by our record, there is cause for optimism that come the 7th of February, 2019, Robotina will lead!