The dark clouds that surrounds us currently, helps us put everything in perspective. We now realize how much our efforts should be channeled at making sure that the future is cleaner – not an exchange of power for pollution – and smarter, an exchange of efficiency for unnecessary hard work. To be honest and modest, though, few companies embody that vision more than Robotina.
We have worked extremely hard to push the HEMS devices and the ROX Universe platform across the ocean – where they are now unbelievably making waves not only throughout Europe, but also across Asia just after two short, yet long years.  Robotina has carved a place for herself as a leader in smart technology, and that appellation has gotten even more people take notice. That, is especially down to the relentless work of devoted group of people that are relentlessly engaging prospective clients and partners with remarkable refinement and efficacy in order to enlarge the team to what was previously unattainable breadths.
Under the focus of the big team that projects the image of this huge vision that is Robotina, a part of the team works in-field to induct new clients and partners from worldwide farm. However, this team works alongside the other part of the team that handles social media engagement. This team made sure all our supporters stay up-to day by writing and posting nearly 1800 articles. We can proudly say that discussions (with nearly nine thousand comments) were spread to various social media: Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
The team has also maintained a dedicated presence on Reddit, BitcoinTalk and Medium where Robotina and her audience stayed connected on a more personal level. The platforms also provided the avenue for the marketing team to further showcase the concepts that Robotina covers through the coverage of the winners of HEMs and the benefits they enjoy to further expand the interested audience. This set off a chain reaction that has resulted in more people buying into the idea than ever before!
As each of social media channel has its own public, in that same two years, Robotina precious team ensured that several thousand posts have also been also strategically posted, along with thousands IG images & boomerangs and videos, including so many other social media tools which have been maximized for the sake of Robotina’s image. These marks cover a massive story of the timeline that stretches between the emancipation of Robotina and the many successes that have come after. This effort was enhanced by more than 2 378 281 supporters that was rendered as a remarkable engagement.
For instance, Robotina’s exponential growth in the past two years have become pronounced because of the numerous exhibitions that invited Robotina – so much more than was initially projected for at the beginning of ICO. Thus, the efforts for video shootings and photoshoots that captured the moments of the displays presented by the technical teams were inspired. This started with videos that narrated the technology, history and vision of Robotina, and it continued through live shootings at major events, meetings with important partners, and even the live AMA’s!
Successful media campaigns that bolstered the morale of the presentation teams before Robotina even participated in the exhibitions the company was involved with are also worth of mentioning. Robotina’s presence was not overlooked in any exhibition from Vienna European Utlitiy Week all the way to Riyadh Decofair. The campaigns cleverly gave an account of the success of those expositions in a way that best presented the fertility of the Robotina vision.
Thus, people could recognize a worthwhile investment, and after many high-profile visits to Asia, it all lead to the all-important merger with fruitful alliances, Robotina has contracted with. These deals have further strengthened the influence of Robotina, especially with additional successes like the ESCO simulation, which was done as a gesture of good faith during one of the biggest event in Seoul last autumn. In all, the efforts paid extreme remittance as a foothold in different countries across Asia has become established to a very large extent.
For one, Robotina became a huge highlight on many TV channels and blogs. There was a particular interest in the projects that Robotina was invested in like the ‘GOFLEX’ and “Dom24h’ projects. An obvious product of the efforts by the both the teams that work in-field to directly sow seeds, and the team that engage people in the shadows through social media and the like.
In short, the growth of Robotina over the last two years is in a lot of ways a testament to the subliminal efforts of a group of people that have gotten accustomed to putting the company ahead of themselves. Because, let’s face it – in the end we all want the same thing: Our world, connected.