Since this is a non-renewable source of energy, not only are we depleting it, but also degrading the quality of the environment. One way to stop this is by reducing the use of the appliances that make our lives a lot better.

Since that is not possible, the only other way is to make these appliances very efficient. By carefully examining the usage patterns of these appliances, we can reduce its electricity usage considerably. IoT offers the perfect solution to this problem.

What is IoT?

IoT or the Internet of Things is a method of connecting everything to the web, thereby, making it easy to access and control. IoT devices gather information from the various sensors and then feed it to the web. This is then processed and the information that we get is used to further improve the utility of the device.

IoT offers the best possible solution to the current situation, and by connecting various devices together, we can now control all of them very easily.

IoT and Robotina

A major part of how our technology works depends on the IoT sensors. We at Robotina want to spread our influence across the entire world. We envision a world where even all light bulbs are connected by the IoT. This would enable us to use our machine learning and platform to brighten and dim the lights of a particular street based on its activity. This helps reduce all the unwanted energy wasted by lighting a street with zero activity.

Since many devices are connected to the web, they can all be controlled remotely by using a software. This gives you the freedom to control devices from anywhere as long as we are connected to the internet.

By using the various sensors, street lights can be turned on and off as and when needed. The current street lights are programmed to turn on exactly at a particular time and turn off at another time. However, the duration of sunlight isn’t the same throughout the year. Hence, by using our technology, we are not even compromising on any facility and at the same time, reducing the overall cost of running the same.

IoT making headlines

The potential of IoT is the reason for its huge success. Many companies have already invested in the IoT technology. Software giant Microsoft is all set to invest $5 billion in the IoT technology. Prior to this, search engine giant Google also invested in the IoT technology. Companies such as IBM and Wipro are also actively working to implement it on a large scale.


The IoT has taken the world by storm. The endless possibilities of this technology are the main reason why so many companies have begun to use it as well. By using our machine learning and blockchain technology along with IoT sensors, creating a smart and energy efficient cities will no longer be a dream of the distant future.