At the Robotina company, we understand the importance of appropriately enhancing productivity tendencies and general market relevance. This is a reason why we’re making sure to carry every stakeholder along, especially as regards our company operations.

By reason of this, the Robotina company has recently held one of its major events this year. The event aimed at enlightening active supporters and the general public, on the activities of the company and the ingenious contemporary solutions that we provide. All of these, have shown to be right tools for achieving the results that are symbolic of our overall objectives.

Details of the events

The organized stakeholders meeting of the Robotina company held on the 29th of September 2018, at the company’s operation headquarters in Hrpelje Kozina , Slovenia. The event saw up to fifty of our company supporters gracing the occasion, with everyone feeling excited at the idea and execution of it. This is also remarkable for our company, because it brought us closer to our community and its energy needs.

At the event, Robotina presented its top notch solution framework; the combination of IoT, AI, and blockchain, while inviting participants to take part in ESCO energy profiting opportunities courtesy the company’s operation inclusions.Note that the ESCOservice roadmap of our company are already been finalized, and would be open to our users in the nearest future. All of the features of the company’s energy solution framework was explained in details, by our CEO Devid Palcic- who had also given the opening speech. Subsequently, the other details on the ESCO operation and the company’s blockchain input, were delivered by Milan Susman.

We ensured that every attendee had the opportunity to express their opinions, suggestions, and even criticisms on the Robotina range of products and services.

In order to add more fun and excitement to the event, the Robotina company engaged participants in discussions pertaining the company’s ROX tokens. We surprised the investors by asking them to mention the current price of the ROX token on the cryptocurrency markets. There were a number of price mentions, which we wrote on the board for all to see. We finally then awarded prize to the participant who mentioned the answer that was closest to the ROX token price, at that time. The winner went home with a fully operational HEMS units, which has the new orange design.

Participants have shown their interest in participating in future events of like manner, and has thanked our company for always bringing up such useful innovations.