The Robotina community is of paramount importance to us, and we want to make sure that even more people are able to adopt the use of our product and service solutions – that are next to none on the energy markets. This is the reason why our company is strategizing on the best ways to reach out to more potential users, as we step up on our efforts in providing the needed space for a desired scaling. As part of preparation for this, we have already put necessary modalities in place, so as to sufficiently meet up with our targets without leaving out any of our supporters- both current and prospective.

The progress made so far

Over the last few years, the Robotina community has really grown, and is still making the impressive cuts for every stipulated time. The company’s intention is to see its designed product solutions distributed and implemented for use in as many countries as possible, within the next few years. According to records, Robotina has been able to gather a supporter base running into the thousands, and spread across various locations. With these supporter estimates, we have projected that our services would become accessible and actively adopted for use by at least ten million users and supporters in the next five years.

As the company prepares to proceed on distribution of the HEMS controller during the second half of September, we expect to absorb much more users who would join us on the network. There would be added incentives for interested consumers who come on board during this time, and the Robotina company is making efforts at fixing user friendly options with more benefits for all of the community participants. Since the HEMS for backers distribution in September would be a major product distribution exercise, we have opened our portals to receiving entry requests at this time, and all of these comes with one entry discount or the other.

The facilitating factors for our company’s community scale up

There are a number of factors that have become a propelling force for our company’s scale up moves. On the overall, these factors have been analyzed to carry some positive far reaching effects for the future of energy service distribution, and technology as an encompassing entity. Some of the factors includes the following:

  • Potential world IoT adoption and use

The Robotina company has successfully built a technological edifice around IoT things and their accompanying elements. As it stands, less than an estimated 0.1% of all the things that could be connected to the internet, are actually connected. This means a huge amount of potential for business and society profitability has been left unharnessed and unutilized. When our service solutions reach the peaks, more things would become active and interactive, and this would culminate into a rise in our community prospects.

  • The ROX token’s inherent benefits for users

Robotina’s ROX token has shown high value potentials in the last few weeks, and this is even not compared to the prospects it has. With an increased adoption of the token for transaction purposes, users are open to receiving some accompanying advantages that could accrue to them from the use of the token. This is even true, asides the fact that ICO supporters are also entitled to some discounts on the HEMS device. Users on the platform would be able to make fiat and other cryptocurrency exchange transactions, while all commissions and platform trade would be carried out using the ROX.

  • Collaborative platform sharing and economy effects for users

Another feature that would be of benefit to users and which could help in the community scaling, is the collaborative partnership ventures that are allowed between users. For instance, collaborative buying and selling are shown to present much more profitability for participants. This is one of the distinguishing benefits of using the Robotina platform.

  • Reward for support and participation

One vantage feature of the Robotina network, is the appreciation and reward of users activities in growing the platform. There is always something to benefit for the members, even if they aren’t using the company’s direct energy solutions yet. Robotina’s ROX token ensures that everyone is involved in some profit making.

In conclusion

With all of our company’s current ingenious service features and the ones we are reserving for the future, the Robotina community would become one of the most viable, and profit oriented platforms in no distant time, and this is an assurance for users on the platform.