For weeks, the huge event our respected partner, Greenox has had in the pipeline was in view. And when the 26th of September came around, we were determined to make sure it ended with a bang!

Housing the dignified and truly established elites in society, the Dragon city towers of Seoul stood tall and imposing as the ceremonies kicked off in the second hour of the afternoon. Devid Palčič, stepped forward as the first speaker to inform the listening audience with the realities of electricity and its various sources. He made many bold statements to conclude his speech. Three of which are factual. One of such is that companies and corporations are not capable of generating and delivering unlimited amounts of energy. He said that society is equally unwilling and unable to put in limitless amount of capital behind our electrical grid. Also, he pointed out that people are naturally not inclined to changing the way they live, especially when they are comfortable with the conditions surrounding them.

Of course, this all was not until he had let all within earshot know, that half of our costs are from the generation of electricity, while the remaining half is expended in making sure the generated electricity is flexible and its use ensures our comfort in equal measure. He went on to say how the clean energy sources like solar power and green energy have only subverted the arrangements of the grid, while placing more financial burden on us.

This financial burden of expenditure, he expects, will continue to even increase as the days go by. These unfortunate notes, are why Devid Palčič made his bold statements but his caveat was that the ROX Universe could take full advantage of this situation, citing ROX as the only entity capable of changing anything.

After the first speech, the Greenox Representative shed great light on the promise he perceived that Robotina has, as well as a wealth of experience as an ICO that is an obvious asset for the partnership. He went on to speak glowingly on how the potential has become an effective reality, citing the incredible sales of HEMS devices in Asia since Robotina and Greenox became involved. Later, the ESCO projects, which Greenox has special privileges concerning, were talked about, and would be hinted about throughout the event.

For the ROX Universe platform, all the benefits of the platform were then explained in detail, and with the efficiency of power use, cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits, there is never any doubt in the effect of the ROX Universe platform.

During the Q&A section that came soon after, more people got to know our project better. The most important questions people have regarding our project were answered.Predictably, the main question was why crypto was chosen even with Robotina having 30 years of experience. To this question, our stance is bold and clear – to connect all IoT devices with blockchain technology. The LOGIC IS BLOCKCHAIN, THE STRATEGY IS CRYPTO.

Besides this question, the uniqueness of our methods was challenged with questions that asked what makes ROX different or better then others. We put those doubts to bed by insisting that the tangible difference is that ROX TOKEN is driven using a real business, a business that is used 24 hours a day and seven days a week, all over the world – and that’s electricity. This sets us apart from all the other attempts at solving the problems we settle so easily, since it is unthinkable that any other business can accomplish anything without using electricity. The demand of electricity is exploitable!

Just like we planned, a never seen before simulation of an existing project was met with so much excitement as Robotina made a connection to Robotina Slovenija control center. The launch button was pressed to begin the simulation, and one could feel the exhilaration of the people in the room as temperatures rose and dropped in tune with the duration and flow of the simulation in what was an obvious historic moment.

An exquisitely planned dinner party, infused with great music provided a fitting end to what would remain in the memories of all who attended, as an unforgettable gathering!