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Date Question Answer Winner
12/8/2018 Which three emerging technologies are a part of Robotina’s turnkey solution? Blockchain, IoT & AI @floyd15
11/8/2018 Are “REVENUE GENERATION PRINCIPLES” described in our Whitepaper? Yes. Bats983
10/8/2018 True or False? ROX token has been listed on IDEX! TRUE Lasabina
9/8/2018 HEMS is a smart device installed at your home that allows you to save the energy, monitor your real-time consumption, remotely control your devices and generate ROX tokens. What does its name stand for? Home Energy Management System Jess2018@jasmina
8/8/2018 Does HEMS have the ability to generate new ROX’s to its owners? Yes. lailaovesen
7/8/2018 What distinguishes Robotina from most of the other ICO projects? We have been successfully present on the market for almost 3 decades. @machalatabiah
6/8/2018 Which news has not yet been announced on our website? HEMS INSTALLATION Gummy Bear
5/8/2018 Which of the following is not a part of the key benefits for 2019 – Q1 (Roadmap) 1. Active negotiation (Broker) with third party, 2. Power Trade & Data Sales and 3. Community earns from data sales Koroman
4/8/2018 Robotina has many revenue sharing models. Which of them are based on crowdfunding? ESCO and VPP @CryptoCrocs
3/8/2018 (Repeated draw on 5/8/18 On which exchange can you trade ROX? HitBTC @fakegurutu
2/8/2018 What is Robotina ROX new website URL? StaneP
1/8/2018 Robotina’s biggest advantage are smart devices (HEMS’s) at the end user locations! Yes. @SilentPlease
31/7/2018 The Robotina Platform runs in the cloud and it is available as: SaaS (Software as a Service) SABINA7711
30/7/2018 Which one is not native benefit for each household on Robotina IoT Platform? FAULT PREDICITION @oluwaopen
29/7/2018 True or False: Smart Cities, cities that have deployed the integration of information, communications, and technology solutions across areas of a city, can result in cleaner air, less city traffic, expansion of WI-FI networks, lower energy costs and increased employment opportunities? TRUE MatejG
28/7/2018 Please select below which is a characteristic of smart thermostats different from older programmable thermostats? All of the above @Jess2018jasmina*
27/7/2018 True or False? Smart contracts can take a lot of work out of the administration of a contract! TRUE @Cplanthony
26/7/2018 True or False: The Smart Contract automation relies on Internet of Things?. FALSE @casibee
25/07/2018 True or False: The Smart Contract automation relies on Artificial Intelligence. FALSE Yakovbe
24/07/2018 True or False: A smart contract is an agreement that automates otherwise manual tasks? TRUE @Serenus
23/07/2018 True or False: Benjamin Franklin didn’t discover electricity? TRUE @worksshop
22/07/2018 What year was built very first power plant in world? 1882 @jalufadhli1
21/07/2018 Where was the first power plant on world opened? New York @Novac01
20/07/2018 The first power plant in world was owned by? Thomas Edison @snowblack93
19/07/2018 True or False: A 600 megawatt power plant can power 220,000 homes TRUE @prejohn
18/07/2018 True or False: Electricity can’t be made from wind, water, the sun and even animal poop. FALSE @Dark_sora
17/07/2018 True or False: Electricity always tries to find the easiest path to the ground.? TRUE @Dark_sora
16/07/2018 True or False: A spark of static electricity can measure up to six thousand (6,000) volts. FALSE @A515T
15/07/2018 True or False? Electricity travels at the speed of light – more than 186,000 miles per second! TRUE @Dvranjek
14/07/2018 Who invented batteries? Alessandro Volta @aleksandralt
13/07/2018 Where are headquarters of Robotina? Slovenia @joe_martins*
12/07/2018 Which one is not a member of Robotina Telegram admin team? @peter_admin @Halpi
11/07/2018 Which one is not a member of Robotina Telegram admin team? @peter_admin @Halpi
10/07/2018 Who is not part of Q&A Team at LIVE AMA event held on Youtube at 19:00 CET? A: Donald Trump, – Elon Musk,
– Devid Palčič
09/07/2018 At what time is AMA planned this Thursday on Youtube? By 7pm CET AlenBalen
08/07/2018 Where is going to take place Robotina’s AMA live event? Youtube @joe_martins
07/07/2018 What day was announced a Robotina ROX listing on HitBTC? By 3th July @ringze
06/07/2018 Which two members represented Robotina on Intersolar 2018 Munich? Erik & Hubert @posiposh
05/07/2018 What position has an advisor Jožek Gruškovnjak, MBA within Robotina IoT project? Business Development TanjuT
04/07/2018 What is second step of HEMS based savings? You are connected! You save up to 30 % on electricity bills by using the EMS connected to the platform. @quyen8767
03/07/2018 How many countries annually participate in the World Environment day? 143 Countries @Rohit222
02/07/2018 When was celebrated a very first World Environment Day? By 1974 @Milah_ah
01/07/2018 What day is World Environment Day? 5th of June @Kubura86
30/06/2018 What is on road-map for Q3 at Robotina IoT Universe Platform? Upgrade design HEMS USER Live for Beta users @Mossx*
29/06/2018 What country use the most electricity per capita? Iceland Uroš A.
28/06/2018 What is the Earth’s primary source of energy? The Sun @Mossx
27/06/2018 Who is not part of Robotina’s R&D team? Hubert Golle & Erik Bubola @S3tArtist
26/06/2018 Electric power is typically measured in what units? Watt @roti500
25/06/2018 Which year was incorporated Robotina? By 1990 @dwiputra83
24/06/2018 Which one is not a member of Robotina core team? Diego De Fecondo, Elvin Sudiro @tjouliends
23/06/2018 What is ROX token? Utility token @Tass82
22/06/2018 What is total supply of ROX token? TOTAL SUPPLY: 331,614,076 @tanyaico
22/06/2018 Which company is business reference of Robotina? Hitachi & Microsoft @Vrabac68