As a leading provider of smart connected solution and with close to three decades of offering our world class services, there is one thing that has remained absolutely constant; change. 

It doesn’t matter what you do, in an increasingly connected world, change is one element you should be ready for.  Already we have been one of the outstanding ICO projects due to incredible 29 years of experience, and now the evolution of our company has occurred. We have taken a giant leap and a huge step forward and we are very delighted about it. 

As the part of our unique technology demands attention of greater scale, we have founded a joint stock company named Robotina ROX. This move was necessitated by the need to make our business development and other strategic partnership even more transparent. In all, the leap into becoming a joint stock company will strengthen our customer base and allow the company take up more purposeful partnerships while keeping our clients and shareholders abreast of the latest development as required by the industry best practices. 

As an exemplary entity, we have decided to make the historic hallmark in a place that resonates with everything Robotina stands for, and we found it in one of the most regulated places in the world – the Swiss city of Zug. The city where not only authorities have an excellent reputation when it comes to dealing with matters quickly and efficiently, but also resonates with our core beliefs on so many fronts including the enthusiasm for the field of smart grid, Energy saving and of course, the usage of crypto currencies. Located close to Zurich, the city of Zug is home to several multinationals and that means more economics of scale. The city is multicultural and it is a large international community on its own.   

As a company, there is no greater joy that comes from doing so much than knowing that you are moving in the right direction. For us, this is a clear indication that the only way is forward. Rather than rest on our oars, we will continue to push forward and extend the frontiers as we position our self as a business that is always ready to not only accept change but to anticipate change and use it to our advantage. 

As ever, we are committed to being at our best and to serve your interest in the most transparent way possible. Robotina will continue to look out for new ways to ensure better connected solutions in an increasingly connected world. As we have promised, we will continue to churn out the best of solutions, platforms, expertise and software as we move towards our quest.