The time is fast approaching, when it will be said that the world once depended on some traditionally placed middlemen to relegate power from the energy producers to the energy consumers. In fact, many would rightly argue that that time is already here.

The ROX Universe has amassed an insuppressible following all over the world, and with its remarkable ability to pick out the most resourceful and similarly driven allies, like the Greenox Enterprise in Asia, among others, Robotina ROX has evolved to one of the most influential voices in the new energy sector.

The distinguishing factor, of Robotina’s ROX is the ingenious application of the most effective latest technological advancements to virtualize energy processes that are otherwise physical. In doing so, Robotina has provided a route that will ensure environmental pollution is mitigated, while energy is saved and still efficiently distributed enough to save costs.

The technicality of the Robotina ROX’s mission is embedded in the ROX Universe Platform, a virtual power plant, marketplace and community service area, that utilizes industry 4.0 tools like IoT and AI, as well as business tools like Blockchain, to build the future of the energy sector.

The platform is made to offer a myriad of services, which range from managing energy distribution, monitoring energy consumption and other unbelievable positives, mostly used in conjunction with specially made energy management devices.

However, one feature that stands out among all these blessings, is the power selling function of the platform.

In short, the power selling function gives the members of the ROX Universe who have active interest in providing variable energy supply, upon request, to energy suppliers and grid operators. The members will achieve this using smart grids, a technology based supply system that functions on command from the platform. Hence, the power sellers will take up roles in ensuring that energy is transmitted to the requesting party.

The Home Energy Management System (HEMS) devices will be central to this ploy, and will guide the electrical consumers through the site for the users, and can thus activate the energy consumption channels. The ROX Universe platform will then play a vital role in taking records and marking out patterns that signifies the user behavior or the energy needs of the users. This analysis will provide necessary prediction data to make the experience of the platform even more intuitive.

It is worthy of note that aggregated HEMS are an important source of flexibility for the platform and its users, as the HEMS can change energy consumption upon request.Thereafter, this flexibility achieved by careful application is sold by theROX Universe to grid operators at the best, and a dynamically negotiated price.

The sharing formula for the earned revenue is strictly fair, and will be distributed only among the users who have participated in one way or the other to the power selling effort. Predictably, the sharing of the earned revenue will be dependent on the activities and weight of the role. Nevertheless, grid operators have significant cost (sometimes up to 25%) for providing energy in thesefast changing demand/production conditions.