We’re very happy to announce a new way of social media (SM) communications regime where primary focus is a community education and community growth. This community boost will take a place on brand new www.robotinarox.io public website! This website and way of public communication represents everything we know about business development gathered over last 28 years and 800 completed B2B projects. On top of that, we are, for the first time, able to share publicly product development related information’s and educate the community about enabling technology for guilt free energy consumption (Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain).

At the center of what we do at Robotina is implementation of Robotina IoT Platform and development of its community. To more clearly convey this community based development of the IoT Energy project, we will write the articles which you as part of community will easy be able to share and comment on. If you’re new to Robotina ROX community and don’t know how can Home Energy Management System (HEMS) benefit to your home, make sure to carefully read the published website articles.

By reading the relevant content you will understand better what makes Robotina and its community unique, and whether you can earn ROX tokens as HEMS connected user or ESCO community-based funding system. Even if you’ve been active member of Robotina community for a while, it might be nice from you to more actively engage in a ROX mass adoption and promote the perspective of responsible electricity usage out of existing community once in a while.

Hopefully it’s not controversial to say that a social media channels will subdue to the website communications and not a vice-versa. If your goal is mass adoption of ROX, then it’s pretty obvious that taking time to learn some fundamentals about project will be worth for you. By 2009 just few people understood the true potential of P2P payments and Bitcoin for community growth, same as few individuals today understands the ROX impact on household’s role redesign within smart energy grid. But you no longer have to just trust us on that; the HEMS G2 has just about to be completed and shipped to ICO backers.

The real benefits from Robotina products are just about to commence. Our ICO supporter’s connected by HEMS will save up to 19% of annual electricity costs on average, which again, is just way beyond any other ICO project and community development. See the HEMS MASS ADOPTION MAP page for more details, including ROX counter of community benefits and testimonials from happy community members.

Updated social regime for ROX community

We often speak directly with ICO supporters and their eyes always open wide in astonishment when project related info’s were structured and communication noise cut down to a bare minimum. Many supporters we spoke with mentioned the Telegram noise and its dummy proliferation of community who seem to know the crypto buzzwords but not the fundamentals of Robotina IoT Project, which is the complete opposite of what long term community members are looking for. It turns out that long term community supporters really want to make a positive impact on environment and trillions $ big IoT energy market.

There’s a need to adequately and constantly feed our energy solution subscribers and network users, with information that are relevant to our activities per time. In view of this, the Robotina ROX has adopted the redesigned website as the new official announcement route for activities surrounding our intelligent IoT platform, and especially those concerning the transaction-powering ROX token. We will limit the noise of Telegram and other SM channels and let long term community to actively engage in guilt free energy consumption and ROX benefits.

We have set every necessarily element to motion, and the new Robotina social regime is now live! We will extend the www.robotinarox.io by social media, where website will take a center place of new community regime. In order to make this social regime as effective as it should, there would be a only-announcement channels Telegram and Facebook, hence members are assured of zero spamming or abusive use. Bitcointalk, Twitter, Medium and Reddit will allow the social interactions as long they will promote a healthy ROX community proliferation and guilt free energy consumption. Its you who drive the community image and ROX mass adoption. Be supportive and share the PR articles around please!

Underlying advantages of new community social regime for our ICO project and esteemed supporters

First hand dissemination of information to supporters
Nowadays, the cryptocurrency sphere is becoming quite delicate, and there is an heightened need for token developers to adopt a framework that allows first hand dissemination of information. Our community regime would accommodate as much of our supporters as are available, hence they would be able to access information about the ROX token, directly from our network’s IoT platform managers. This would go a long way in removing the chances for false and fraudulent information as regarding ROX token operations.

Prompt update means no one misses out on information
There are times when people miss out of opportunities and important information just because they didn’t get the news source at the right time. Sometimes, information can be difficult to get when you’re only just searching for it. With our SM announcement channels, there’s no missing out, as every member on the channel gets the information almost immediately it is sent. This is important because it also helps them take the necessary action.

There would be no limits as to how much people can join the ROX community
On SM announcement channels, we would have communicative access to a large number of our supporters, who we currently encourage to join us. With the SM channel framework, we would be able to accommodate everybody who is truly interested in the operations of the ROX token, as well as those who are active stakeholders on the network.

In conclusion
The Robotina’s ROX token has become an important entity for our company’s transaction operations, and hence the need to make information about its use accessible to all and sundry. In view of this, the Robotina ROX community social regime becomes one of the active tools at our disposal for information dispersal, and for making some level of follow up. We will be releasing more IoT project related announcements, and also covering the upcoming exchange listings and partnerships. To keep up to date, please follow our public communications channels:

We are with you every step of the way
By connecting all the right dots and people at the right moment, Robotina Company has successfully helped hundreds of companies. Our support is 100% free of charge and confidential. If you have any questions feel free to submit a support ticket: https://robotinarox.io/support/